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What Is a Psychology Bridging Course in Australia?

If you have a degree in another field, there is a course to fast-track your psychology studies.

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A psychology bridging course, commonly known as a Graduate Diploma in Psychology, is a one-year program that fast-tracks your transition into this field. The course is designed for graduates of other disciplines.

If you are a university graduate already, the first stage of becoming a psychologist doesn't require you to complete a 3-year Bachelor of Psychology degree. Instead, you can complete a 10-subject Graduate Diploma in just one year of full-time study, or over 20 months part-time.

In terms of standing within the psychology field, graduates of the bridging course have earned the equivalent of an undergraduate degree. To become a registered psychologist, the next stage is to undertake the equivalent of an honours year, which is a Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Advanced). Masters and doctoral studies can follow if you wish.

Why It's Known as a Bridging Course

"Bridging" in the context of the Graduate Diploma in Psychology refers to the course's role as a conduit for graduates with degrees in other fields who want to pivot towards psychology. It's a streamlined program that delivers foundational knowledge without requiring you to complete another bachelor degree.

The course condenses core units from a 3-year psychology bachelor degree into a one-year format. This allows those with different academic backgrounds to quickly establish a foundation of knowledge and skills to potentially make a swift career change.

In essence, the "bridge" is the fast-track transition from any discipline to psychological science, easing the move into advanced studies and eventually a career in the field.

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Is This Qualification Worth It?

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The Graduate Diploma in Psychology provides a robust foundation of skills and knowledge that can lead to a rewarding career, even outside the traditional role of a psychologist. This makes it a potentially valuable investment for those interested in the fascinating field of human psychology.

With flexible program delivery and learning support, it allows for a balance between studies and other commitments.

However, it's crucial to note that while this grad dip forms part of the pathway towards becoming a registered psychologist and clinical psychologist, it doesn't guarantee entry into advanced courses.

The skills from the program span fields such as case management, human resources, and communications. Your understanding of human behaviour can open doors to roles like case manager, mental health support worker, and communications specialist. Jobs for someone with a psychology degree don't necessarily require further education, making your graduate diploma a significant stepping stone to a fulfilling career.

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