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Graduate Diploma in Public Health Online

Advance your public health career with a graduate diploma online. Gain specialist knowledge and skills to positively impact community health in just 16 months part-time.

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The Graduate Diploma in Public Health is a one-year program that expands your knowledge base for working as a public health professional. Graduates are employed in research, policy, and health promotion roles among others.

Programs are open to people from different professional backgrounds, including healthcare, business, and the social sciences. A graduate diploma contains 8 subjects and is a pathway to a Master of Public Health. Completed subjects count towards a master's if you continue studying.

What Makes This a Good Course

A public health graduate diploma offers a large payoff in terms of your career and earnings for a relatively modest education investment. The qualification unlocks several different career paths in a growing industry.

Graduate Certificate in Public Health

The Graduate Certificate in Public Health online is a four-subject course that provides foundational or specialist training. It can be completed over eight months of part-time study.

The course is designed for working professionals who are passionate about community health and want to drive better societal outcomes. Specialisations are available in fields such as Health Analytics, and Communicable Disease.

The graduate certificate provides population health training, credentials for health and public sector careers, and a platform for further study... READ MORE

Graduate Diploma vs Certificate vs Masters

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Graduate diplomas are a popular choice for professionals who want to upskill. These postgraduate qualifications typically consist of eight subjects in Australia and can be completed in as little as a year of full-time study.

The graduate diploma is an excellent option for professionals who want more comprehensive training than a four-subject graduate certificate provides. A grad dip prepares students for a professional career, providing a pathway to transition to a new career without starting over with another bachelor degree.

While not quite the same as a master's degree, a grad dip can be used as a pathway to a related master's program.

A Master of Public Health (MPH) course is 1.5 to 2 years long in Australia typically. It consists of the equivalent to 12-16 subjects. While an MPH is often considered the premier qualification for practitioners in this field, shorter courses may be preferred since they are cheaper, quicker, and may be better focused on the student's learning goals.

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† Online courses are available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Gold Coast, Newcastle. Australia-wide.