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UTS Online - Graduate Certificate in Health Analytics

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UTS Online’s Graduate Certificate in Health Analytics is for professionals looking to develop knowledge and skills in using health data. Learn to drive positive healthcare outcomes by evaluating and applying health research and data.

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Is a Graduate Certificate a Degree in Australia?

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A graduate certificate in Australia is not equivalent to a degree in terms of length, but it holds value in its own right. It is a shorter course compared to a master's or bachelor's program, typically consisting of four subjects. However, it is highly respected as a higher education qualification and often serves as an introduction or pathway to further postgraduate studies.

A graduate certificate is classified at Level 8 in the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), placing it above a bachelor's degree at Level 7. It can enhance career prospects and job opportunities and may provide credits towards other postgraduate programs.

UTS Online's Graduate Certificate in Health Analytics offers professionals the opportunity to develop skills in using health data and evaluation for improving healthcare outcomes. It can also serve as a stepping stone towards a Graduate Diploma of Public Health or a Masters in Public Health. The program is delivered part-time and 100% online, providing flexibility for working professionals to upskill without compromising their commitments.