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Here is some advice provided in a comment by Lucy:

Hi guys,
They scammed my money also but I got a refund.
If you want your refund you need to emailed them everyday asking them to refund and threaten them to take fraud action against them. Every 24 hours leave a bad review on Trustpilot. If you use PayPal make sure you block further payments getting taken. Go to your account and under merchants remove SHAW ACADEMY.
I found an Instagram account under
-This page help me get my refund
There is also a website
I still don’t know how they are getting away with it guys. Sorry you have to experience this
Hope this helps

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  1. Joe
    | Reply

    Shaw academy is a complete scam. They say they will give you a 4 week free trail but they will charge you and take money from your account without any confirmation, notification or authorisation. I was not notified of this payment until I checked my bank statement. They charged me £44.66. You get constant emails and spammed texts. Once you email them asking for a refund they offer a longer free membership / account upgrade and other benefits just so you stay with them. Do not fall for this company. I told them I do not want any extra benefits or anything like that I simply just want a refund. I was not shown the confirmation page, they took money out of my account without my permission. They claim that you have bought a ‘toolkit’ from a pop up menu but many people have said that they have never pressed buy.

  2. All Creatures
    | Reply

    I cancelled before the trial ended. Still took money from my accounts for 2 months. Won’t answer the phone. Disappointed in no response.

  3. GP
    | Reply

    @Paul Kavanagh too late for your dedication in responding to these complaints.

    I had 3 unwanted sales calls yesterday (3rd September 2021) with super pushy sales people (been going on for months). Typically unaware I may have answered an international call as i have family overseas, but maybe im in a meeting, or in the middle of work.

    Dont know about scam. But their sign up is boiler room style. Constant calls, ignoring my insistence that im no longer interested. (From a query, months ago).

    – They keep asking why im no longer interested. I answer honestly “lack of time”. The second to last caller said “why did you sign up then?”… first time ive hung up on a caller this year.

    Its a cold calling operation style. No idea what the courses are like. But if they’re decent, why the need to deploy a team of under-average & belligerent telesales people?

    | Reply

    i have signed up for the one month free trial in which i have cancelled even before the month is finished. i was told via email the the cancellation was successful and now after a few months i realize that they are trying to withdraw money from my account

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