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Bachelor of Business Analytics

Explore the Australian degree that positions you for analysis jobs and career paths.

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A Bachelor of Business Analytics is a general business degree in which you specialise in performing data analysis. Along with core subjects like accounting, finance, and marketing, students study areas such as artificial intelligence, business intelligence, cyber security, data management, and data visualisation.

The degree is a good one because it is versatile. Students are prepared for roles such as business analyst, data analyst, and business intelligence officer. However, the skills are relevant for many careers, from business administration to human resources, financial analysis, and executive leadership.

Succeeding in this course requires that you have an aptitude for and interest in technology subjects. It is no harder than other business majors but has a significant technical element, stepping into the terrains of information technology, mathematical modelling, and statistics.

Subjects in a Business Analytics Degree

A Bachelor of Business degree is a 3-year program consisting of 24 subjects. To major in Business Analytics, Australian universities require you to complete as many as 14 subjects relevant to the specialisation. In addition, students normally focus on analytics in their capstone unit, which is a large applied project undertaken in the final year.

The curriculum for this major covers essential business analysis areas such as database management, data analysis, predictive modelling, and decision science. These subjects are needed to dissect and interpret the large datasets that inform operational decisions.