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UNSW Online - Graduate Certificate in Financial Technology

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UNSW's online Graduate Certificate in Financial Technology is a targeted program that provides a foundation in the evolving field of FinTech. The curriculum covers essential FinTech skills, offering a clear understanding of how technology affects the financial services sector. The program provides an assortment of core and elective courses to choose from, including decentralised finance, RegTech applications, and technical tools for FinTech.

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Best Certification for FinTech

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The Graduate Certificate in Financial Technology is an exceptional certification for FinTech. As a postgraduate qualification, it showcases an advanced level of expertise which employers value. It's cost and time-efficient; you can earn a respected university qualification by studying just four subjects over eight months at a fraction of a master's degree cost.

The UNSW course offers a wealth of subjects, allowing you to match your learning according to your career aspirations. It is a great stepping stone for professionals looking to pivot into FinTech or enhance their knowledge in the field. The certificate's focus on current industry needs and technological advancements makes it highly applicable in the evolving FinTech landscape.

The credits earned can also be put towards a future graduate diploma or master's degree, providing a pathway to higher education. This course offers the same prestige and career boost as a graduate diploma but at half the cost, making it an excellent overall investment.

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