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3 Renewable Energy Courses Online in Australia

Explore Australia's online renewable energy courses; your gateway to a clean energy career.

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Australia's renewable energy industry is booming, bringing with it a growing need for skilled professionals. Online courses provide a pathway to in-demand jobs.

Leading technology and engineering universities in Australia offer specialist programs. These range from bachelor degrees to graduate certificates and masters.

Dive into studies on solar, wind, and hydro dynamics. Learn the intricacies of clean energy policy. Understand energy systems design and integration. Let's explore the best education options for working as a renewable energy specialist.

Best Degrees to Work in Renewable Energy

If you're plotting out an education plan to work in renewable energy industries, which degree would be best? There is no simple answer as diverse occupational choices are available. It also must be considered that Australia is primarily an importer, not a producer, of solar, wind, and other manufactured devices.

Here are specialisations providing excellent foundations for careers working with renewables.

  • Electrical or energy engineering prepares you for jobs in solar panel installation and grid integration.
  • Mechanical or civil engineering positions you to work on wind turbines and hydro energy systems.
  • Business prepares you for jobs in project management, financing, marketing, etc.
  • Sustainability degrees, encompassing environmental science and engineering, agriculture, biochemistry, and geology, cover the ecological impact of renewables, biofuel production, renewable sector management, and exploration of geothermal energy sources.
  • Computer or data science is relevant to optimising and monitoring renewable energy systems.
  • Urban planning or architecture is about integrating renewable solutions into urban designs.
  • Public policy or environmental law is for those aiming to shape regulations and policies.

The majority of the degrees listed fall within the STEM disciplines, highlighting the technical nature of the renewable energy sector. In addition to the technical expertise, degrees in business, sustainability and policy play a pivotal role in addressing the broader needs of the industry.

Popular Renewable Energy Courses

Expand your knowledge of renewable energy sources with an online course from a leading Australian university. Designed with the future energy leaders in mind, these programs offer insights into industry practices, management, and innovation.

Bachelor of Engineering

A select number of Australian universities offer Bachelor of Engineering degrees by distance learning. Fully online degrees are available as well as programs that combine online study with occasional intensive residential schools.

Mechanical and civil engineering majors are well-suited to work on wind turbines and hydro systems. Electrical and energy specialists can focus on solar panel installation, grid integration, and other renewable power solutions.

An engineering degree paves the way for jobs such as wind turbine technician, solar grid integrator, renewable energy consultant, and energy systems analyst.

Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Energy Technologies

A Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Energy Technologies consists of four subjects. Students explore topics like clean energy technologies, innovative energy solutions, and the integration of sustainable energy systems.

Entry prerequisites include an undergraduate degree in engineering, environmental science, chemistry, or physics.

The UTS Online Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Energy Technologies forms part of a broader master's program. Graduates may find roles such as renewable energy engineer, energy consultant, energy project manager, or renewable energy specialist.

Master of Sustainable Energy

The 12-subject Master of Sustainable Energy examines the renewable energy landscape, tackling global energy issues and the push for sustainable solutions.

Students study energy conversion technologies and renewable sources like solar power, wind, hydro, wave, and tidal. The curriculum focuses on energy efficiency and policy development.

Graduates are well-positioned for leadership roles in the renewables sector, taking on positions like renewable energy engineer, energy consultant, policy officer, and business development manager.

How Do I Get Started in the Industry?

To work in Australia's renewable energy industry, the right educational foundation is essential. The sector is diverse, offering roles from technical to strategic, so there are various educational pathways.

Engineering disciplines, such as electrical, mechanical, and environmental, are vital for technical roles in power generation, storage, and distribution. Business degrees cater to strategy and management, while public policy addresses regulatory considerations.

Enhancing an undergraduate foundation with postgraduate studies and industry experience can greatly boost your career prospects in this evolving field.

Given Australia's significant importation of renewable devices, it's wise to focus on education geared towards system integration, consulting, or policy. Since renewable energy technologies are ever-changing, staying updated and proactive is crucial for job opportunities.

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