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12 Graduate Certificate in Education Courses

Gain educator training, a postgraduate qualification, and a pathway to a master's degree.

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For teachers and other professionals with education and training roles, Graduate Certificates in Education are popular. You acquire new knowledge and develop professionally. The best online programs in Australia are flexible and accelerated.

A grad cert is the shortest and cheapest university course. It's usually four subjects from a master's program. By comparison, a graduate diploma is eight subjects long and a masters may consist of 12 subjects. You can study for it 100% online while working full-time.


A Graduate Certificate in Education is a postgraduate qualification providing advanced knowledge in a specialised area. The course typically consists of four subjects and can be completed online in 8 months of part-time study. Usually, the course forms part of a larger Masters in Education program. Graduate are often able to use completed subjects as credit towards a future graduate diploma or master's degree.

Courses are usually designed with qualified teachers in mind. However, useful programs are also available for other professionals, such as administrators, corporate trainers, curriculum developers, and policy makers.

The purpose is to upgrade your knowledge and skills in a target area. After completing teacher training, further study enables you specialise in a particular field. You can also build on an existing strength, making you more effective in the classroom. Additionally, courses open up opportunities to progress to higher positions, such as leadership or policy-making roles.

Online Courses


Careers and Development

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The first program on our list is not for school teachers but for career advisors who may or may not work in the school system. A Careers Education and Development specialisation is for current and future career development practitioners. You'll explore how to effectively advise people on education and occupation planning.

RMIT - Graduate Certificate in Careers Education & Development

RMIT University's postgraduate course for career development practitioners is endorsed by the Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA). Graduates are able to seek professional registration with various career development and advisory organisations. Students explore topics such as career design practices, narrative approaches to career counselling, and design thinking for learning and work. The online program can be completed part-time in under 12 months.

Early Childhood

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Early childhood education in Australia covers the pre-school years (0-5) as well as the early years of primary school (5-8). Postgraduate courses provide a pathway to becoming an early childhood teacher and working in kindergartens, school settings or long day care. If you're not a primary teacher, you'll need to continue studying beyond a graduate certificate to earn a graduate diploma.

SCU - Graduate Certificate in Education (Early Childhood)

If you have a degree of any kind and want to work in early childhood education, consider the Graduate Certificate in Education (Early Childhood) from Southern Cross University. The course represents a major step in becoming a fully qualified early childhood teacher. Earning the qualification gives you guaranteed entry and up to four subjects credit towards a professionally accredited Graduate Diploma of Education (Early Childhood).

Educational Leadership

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Leadership and management opportunities arise in almost all teaching settings, including schools, universities, hospitals, government agencies, and vocational and corporate training. You can enhance your confidence and ability to lead with a specialised postgraduate course. Choose from a program designed for school teachers or a general program for all educators.

ECU - Graduate Certificate of Education (Leading Education)

The Graduate Certificate of Education (Leading Education) from Edith Cowan University is for current and future school leaders to refine their leadership skills and produce positive student outcomes. Learn how to manage staff, initiate community engagement, drive improvement, and lead. Accelerated 100% online learning allows you to study part-time and finish within 8 months. ECU consistently receives excellent teaching ratings from graduates.

Educational Studies

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Educators who want to upgrade their skills and credentials often go for a non-specialist grad cert. The qualification has value in it's own right but also gives you four subjects that potentially count towards a masters degree. The course may be general or have an emphasis on leadership in a school environment.

Southern Cross University - Graduate Certificate in Education

The Graduate Certificate in Education from Southern Cross University provides foundations for a masters degree and is open to teachers. Gain a strong grounding in educational leadership, research, and teaching adaptability. Topics include social and political context for leading in education, leading professional learning, research and evaluation, and contemporary educational environments. The part-time online course is convenient, affordable and flexible.

Educational Wellbeing

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You can gain specialist skills for enhancing student wellbeing and resilience with a dedicated program. The course is aimed at qualified teachers who want to bring leadership and practical skills to their school community.

SCU - Graduate Certificate in Educational Wellbeing

Uplift the whole learning experience for students with the help of the Graduate Certificate in Educational Wellbeing from Southern Cross University. The online course provides teachers and school leaders with tools to enhance student resilience and wellbeing. Topics include understanding and enhancing student wellbeing, valuing diversity, supporting students in difficult times, and how to establish wellbeing best practice in your school community.

Health Professional Education

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Ongoing learning is important in health care to support high standards of patient safety and service quality. If you're a healthcare professional and want to be an educator in your industry, a good place to start is with a postgraduate program in health professional or clinical education. You'll learn to facilitate collaborative learning in health-related workplaces.

ACU - Graduate Certificate in Health Professional Education

The Australian Catholic University's Graduate Certificate in Health Professional Education is for health professionals with at least a year of clinical or work experience. You'll study topics such as quality and safety in health care, facilitating professional learning in health settings, and curriculum design and implementation. After the finishing the four-subject course, you'll have the option to continue studying online for a graduate diploma or master's degree in the same discipline.

Higher Ed

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Train to become a skilled lecturer, tutor or other academic instructor with a higher education specialisation. The insights and refinements you achieve could make all the difference in terms of your teaching confidence and effectiveness.

Victoria University - Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Education

The Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Education from Victoria University is for teachers and academics in higher and further education. Develop your teaching skills for university and other tertiary institutions. Rather than juggling multiple subjects, each unit is completed individually in a 4-week teaching block. Topics include curriculum design and assessment, development across learning environments, evidence-based innovation, and tertiary instruction.

Inclusive Education

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With an online course in inclusivity, you'll learn how to ensure that every child is able to effectively participate in classroom and other activities. You'll explore issues such as special needs, use of technology in learning, and collaborating with parents and others.

SCU - Graduate Certificate in Educational Inclusion & Diversity

Gain skills to enable every student to achieve their learning potential with the Graduate Certificate in Educational Inclusion and Diversity from Southern Cross University. Strengthen awareness to understand and meet challenges associated with inclusion, diversity and special needs. Students also examine the role of technology for collaboration and lifting classroom participation. You'll learn from primary and secondary experienced academics.

Innovative Learning

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You don't have to be a teacher to benefit from studying education online. Courses are available to anyone responsible for improving learning outcomes, including in corporate, private practice and public service settings.

UTS - Graduate Certificate in Professional & Organisational Learning

The Graduate Certificate in Professional and Organisational Learning is for educators and training professionals to lead and support professional and workplace learning. Study how to respond to the challenges of professional and workplace learning and practice, lead innovative practices, evaluate learning, and develop strategic workplace initiatives. Delivered 100% online, with part-time study, you can customise your learning and assessments to meet professional goals and upskilling needs. Graduates can progress into a Master of Education (Learning and Leadership).

Religious Studies

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An online course in religious instruction prepares you to teach the subject in schools or within a church or Sunday school setting. Teachers in the Catholic school system are often required to earn a postgraduate qualification before conducting classes in religion.

ACU - Graduate Certificate in Religious Education

The Graduate Certificate in Religious Education from the Australian Catholic University is for qualified primary and secondary school teachers. By completing this course online, you become eligible to teach religious education in Catholic schools and church organisations. Choose four subjects from a set of six in this specialisation. Topics include educating young people religiously, learning and teaching for religious education, liturgy and prayer, and historical perspectives.

Special Needs

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Every classroom teacher can benefit from training in special needs instruction. You'll explore how to support pupils with cognitive impairments and other challenges. Graduates gain knowledge, skills and strategies to improve learning outcomes and social development.

Torrens - Graduate Certificate of Education (Special Education)

Torrens University Australia offers a Graduate Certificate of Education (Special Education) for teachers and other professionals to broaden their expertise into special needs instruction. The course follows a person-first model, whereby the student and instructor partner to overcome learning challenges in ways that may be unique to the individual. Subjects include an introduction to mental health conditions, dyslexia, learning differences, and the person-centred approach. The course forms part of a Master of Education (Special Education) program.

† Online courses are available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Gold Coast, Newcastle. Australia-wide.