Statistical Ratings by Students

Solid graduate satisfaction

80.3% of recent TUA graduates reported satisfaction with their course, exceeding the national average of 77.6%. This finding, based on 1,558 responses, reflects confidence in the university's ability to meet student expectations, according to the Course Experience Questionnaire (CEQ).

Positive experiences

At Torrens University, 77.8% of students reported a positive overall educational experience, slightly above the national average of 74.4%. This figure, based on 4,324 responses, falls within a confidence interval of 77.0% to 78.6%, according to data from the Student Experience Survey (SES).

Negative interactions

Only 41.6% of Torrens University students felt positive about their interactions with staff and students, which is lower than the national average of 51.8%. This statistic, drawn from 4,328 responses, includes their sense of engagement and belonging at the institution.

Ordinary outcomes

Torrens University's median graduate income one year out is $44,100 according to ATO data, below the national median of $50,600. This figure is influenced by salaries, part-time work and unemployment rates. Data limitations exist due to a small number of graduate responses.

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