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Graduate Certificate in Clinical Nursing Online

Gain confidence and applied skills with a practical course for early-career nurses.

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Course Overview

The Graduate Certificate in Clinical Nursing is designed for recently registered nurses who want to consolidate core skills. Strengthen your ability to handle practical challenges in hospitals, community health centres, and specialised units. You'll learn to analyse complex cases and devise care strategies, boosting problem solving and decision making.

Key takeaways

  1. For RNs in a clinical environment.
  2. Level 8 postgraduate qualification.
  3. Half the length of a graduate diploma.
  4. Focus on transferable skills and current practice.

Why This Course Is Worthwhile

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A Graduate Certificate in Clinical Nursing is a recommended course of study for its short-term gains and long-term benefits. This course immediately enhances your practice capabilities, thereby increasing confidence and job satisfaction. It focuses on developing both core nursing skills and role-specific knowledge.

If you don't have other postgraduate qualifications in nursing, the course will begin to pay for itself soon after you graduate. In Australia, nurses in public sector jobs receive qualification allowances. With a graduate certificate as your highest qualification, you'll be eligible for extra payments amounting to around $3,253 per year, depending on your state and employer.

Additionally, this qualification can lead to career advancement opportunities. For instance, it paves the way to higher-grade positions such as Clinical Nurse, Clinical Nurse Specialist, and Level 2 RN. These roles command higher pay, with an average annual salary of around $107,382. Further experience and professional development can lead to senior roles such as Nurse Unit Manager, Clinical Nurse Consultant, and Clinical Nurse Educator.

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