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Graduate Certificate in Advanced Nursing Online

Upgrade your skills with a short postgraduate course for working nurses.

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Course Overview

A Graduate Certificate in Advanced Nursing is a postgraduate course for registered nurses that consolidates and extends your skills in your chosen field. This four-subject course prepares you for specialised and complex nursing roles.

By earning this qualification, nurses develop and demonstrate high-level skills. They become eligible for qualification allowances, which significantly add to their income, and are more competitive when applying for higher-paying positions.

These courses are typically embedded within larger master's programs. Continued study after achieving the grad cert is an option to build expertise and earn a master's degree.


Choose Any Specialty With This Course

The Graduate Certificate in Advanced Nursing from UTS Online offers the flexibility to focus on any specialty area of nursing practice. The course includes three core subjects: Applied Pathophysiology in Practice, Evidence for Informing Practice, and Improving Safety and Quality in Healthcare.

The fourth subject, Specialty Clinical Practice, enables students to develop clinical and professional capabilities in their chosen specialty area. This involves integrating best practice evidence and enhancing existing clinical skills. Students create a professional portfolio aligned with their individual learning needs and clinical practice goals.

UTS Online - Graduate Certificate in Advanced Nursing

UTS Online's Graduate Certificate in Advanced Nursing is an 8-month, online program designed to enhance skills in clinical care. It covers four key subjects: Specialty Clinical Practice, Applied Pathophysiology in Practice, Evidence for Informing Practice, and Improving Safety and Quality in Healthcare. The course, developed in consultation with healthcare industry partners, offers targeted learning in specific fields. Additionally, it provides a pathway to the Master of Advanced Nursing for further professional growth. The online learning experience is flexible and interactive, accommodating the needs of working professionals.

Should you wish to continue studying, you can complete another eight subjects to earn a UTS Online Master of Advanced Nursing. Specialisations for the master's degree include Acute Care, Chronic and Complex Care, Critical Care, Mental Health, and Quality and Safety. Alternatively, you can opt for a general program without a major.

What Is Advanced Nursing?

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To be honest and accurate, there is no clear-cut difference between a "Graduate Certificate of Advanced Nursing" and any other nursing graduate certificate. Regardless of the label, all postgraduate nursing courses aim to develop the capabilities of registered nurses. Advanced courses are not necessarily special or unique.

"Advanced nursing" is often rhetorically associated with Advanced Nursing Practice, which involves significant autonomy and the ability to manage complex cases. Therefore, these courses may be seen as focusing more on clinical specialisation rather than training for managerial, educational, or research roles. However, not all universities follow this convention.

If you are attracted to the idea of earning an "advanced" qualification, that is a valid reason to pursue one. The naming may also appeal to others, including recruiters. However, it is generally more important to ensure that the course syllabus aligns with your learning and career goals.

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