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Graduate Certificate in Paediatric Nursing Online

Specialise in child-focused care, from infants to adolescents, with a postgraduate course for nurses.

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Course Overview

The Graduate Certificate in Paediatric Nursing meets the educational needs of nurses working with infants, children, and adolescents. This course focuses on improving nursing care for young patients through a mix of theory and clinical practice. Graduates emerge ready to join multidisciplinary teams as specialist paediatric nurses.

Key takeaways

  1. For RNs in diverse paediatric healthcare settings.
  2. Level 8 postgraduate qualification.
  3. Half the length of a graduate diploma.
  4. Mixture of foundational and advanced skills.
  5. Part-time and online in general.

Placed at Level 8 on the Australian Qualifications Framework, nursing graduate certificates are rated above bachelor degrees (Level 7) while matching graduate diplomas. The course is relatively concise, consisting of only four subjects, compared to 8 for graduate diplomas and 12 for master's degrees.

The course's online and part-time structure suits working nurses. Participants can finish the four subjects in just eight months, usually without exams. This format allows nurses to balance professional duties with their studies.

Examples: Australian College of Nursing, Griffith University

Why This Course is Worthwhile

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In the nursing profession, a Graduate Certificate in Paediatrics is crucial for career advancement. It not only serves as a stepping stone to more extensive postgraduate studies like graduate diplomas and master's degrees but also enhances specialised skills in paediatric care.

Holding a Graduate Certificate is often necessary to progress to roles like clinical nurse specialist (CNS). For registered nurses, the average salary is $86,861, but as a CNS, this can increase to up to $108,560 per year. The award salary for a CNS in Australia surpasses that of even the most experienced Registered Nurses. This qualification is key to unlocking senior positions and demonstrating commitment to professional growth and specialised expertise.

Furthermore, a Graduate Certificate translates to higher pay due to qualification allowances across Australia. These allowances vary by region, ranging from around $2,332 annually in NSW to $4,065 in the Northern Territory. This financial incentive, combined with the opportunity for advanced roles, makes the certificate a valuable asset.

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How to Become a Paediatric Nurse

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Becoming a paediatric nurse is relatively straightforward since any registered nurse can work in a clinical setting where children are patients. However, you need to choose which sub-field to target for your career. In addition, postgraduate study is important for career progression. Here are the main steps:

  1. Work in paediatric settings.
    As a registered nurse, start by gaining experience in environments with young patients. This includes children's wards, neonatal units, emergency departments, and community health services.
  2. Choose a sub-field.
    Paediatric nursing offers various specialisations like neonatal care, paediatric intensive care, oncology, or emergency nursing. Decide which area aligns with your interests and career goals.
  3. Do postgraduate study.
    To advance in your nursing career, invest in postgraduate courses for nurses. Options include a Graduate Certificate or Diploma in Paediatric Nursing. For more advanced roles like a Paediatric Nurse Practitioner, a Master of Nurse Practitioner degree is necessary.
  4. Continue with learning and development.
    Engage in ongoing professional development to stay updated with clinical nursing practices.

By starting in relevant and preferred environments and advancing through targeted experience and education, you can develop a fulfilling career in this field.

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What You Will Study

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Graduate Certificates in Paediatric Nursing cover a variety of subjects. Foundational subjects teach core paediatric nursing skills, focusing on how to care for infants to young adults. These give a solid base in general paediatric care principles and practices.

Specialised subjects let nurses focus on areas like pain management, disability care, palliative care, and nutrition for children. These electives deepen understanding in specific areas, enhancing skills in targeted aspects of child healthcare.

There are also subjects for professional growth and leadership. These include advancing nursing practices, understanding healthcare policies, and learning about healthcare data. They prepare nurses for higher roles, equipping them with critical thinking and leadership skills.

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