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82 Reasons Why Students Choose Online Classes

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Want to know the reasons why people choose online classes? Here are the thoughts of university and college students.

We ran a short-essay competition to find out why students are opting for online study instead of traditional classes. A selection of the better essays are published below.

Competition winner Isabelle Wentworth
Competition winner Isabelle Wentworth

82 Responses

  1. Chantell Jones

    Total Freedom

    Choosing online study gives you the freedom to study and go to class in the comfort of your pajamas. You can have rollers in your hair, a mask on your face and drink wine all while watching a class or working on an assignment. Online studying gives you the opportunity to pause a lecture; take a nap, pick-up the lecture after your nap, rewind and repeat lectures as often as you like. If you do not want to attend class, ok! don’t, who’s keeping record. If you hate group work, in class group discussions or in class one-one class work; online study is seeking YOU! If you want to cook dinner for one while your plus one (your professor) sweet talks you about IT, healthcare administration or employment law, online study is your place!

  2. Lydia Matte

    Me time

    You can never turn a deaf ear or play dumb to children crying for the same toy their sibling has or children fighting to seek revenge or the need to breakup a fight, especially when they yell “mummy, mummy” like their life depends on that one yell…it gets your adrenaline up. You rush thinking the worst only to be told amidst sobs you did not read a story book for me yesterday (Please note they slept while I was reading the story book) and now it’s my fault. Well when you are a mother of toddlers, online study is an excuse to lock yourself away in the name of studying and let the husband deal with all the children’s issues cause all I will hear is “you cannot go in there mummy needs to study”.

  3. Lacey

    Self Satisfaction

    Online study is a challenge. Do not doubt that for a second. Online study is a test of your own perseverance. No one has set your schedule for you, no one is waiting to mark your attendance. Setting intentions and goals is a task you must adhere to on your own and there is no one to answer to but yourself. Studying online teaches you so much more than the content of your course work. You learn about yourself. You learn how to manage your own time and where your sloppy self discipline may require a bit of grooming. You have to learn how to switch on when it’s time to work and switch off when it’s time to rest. Online study is a great way to build life skills beyond scholastic content. It builds integrity without supervision. Love a challenge? Love to test your own strengths and limitations? Study online.

  4. Claire


    Studying online allows you to develop skills that will serve you in all areas of your life. You will establish planning and time management skills as you create a personal study schedule. In addition to study you may have several other commitments that you will need to coordinate to keep up with lectures and submission deadlines. You will have the opportunity to establish research skills and discover information relevant to coursework on your own because you will not necessarily have the same access to discussions with other students and staff. Studying online allows for self-realisation; you will discover who you are and how you want to live, based on your attitudes, approaches and the outcomes of these.

  5. Gabrielle

    Jump, and the net will appear

    I saw this on a card and loved it and I have dished out this advice to others but never to myself. It is time to stop putting up roadblocks – I can’t do this, I don’t have time. When I go back to work, I want it to be something I love doing, something that gives back and something that my daughter can be proud of. Online study means I can do this, whether I’m in my pyjamas or my daughter is playing at my feet or dinner is cooking. Its about regaining some of my life and identity in my own time and on my own terms. I’m excited to begin.

  6. Elena

    My Way!

    The day I fainted on the days of my Math O Levels destined me in the eyes of the people around to be not good enough or hardcore enough to pursue a University degree. Ashamed of my failure I moved away from home and got a job in the Hospitality industry which was far from the “ideal” career choice for such a “promising young lady”. Three years later I entered my HND course in Airline and Airport management via distance learning. My ex-colleagues, ex-schoolmates and even my family thought I would fail. But I didn’t – I pushed hard and studied day in and day out between shifts and flights and minimum rests. Today I am 3 modules away from graduating from my BA in International Hospitality Business Management and I have built a career in Aviation that many my age couldn’t dream of. Studying online gave me more than the ability to pursue an education. It gave me the confidence to believe in myself and say YES I CAN get a degree but I will do it MY WAY!

  7. savitri devi

    Snoozing Nanna

    Lectures make me sleep but I can keep awake while surfing the net and doing online study. I am quite lucid in front of a computer but hardly ever in a classroom. After the first few minutes of absorbing a classroom lecture the rest sounds like words droning on and on. My thoughts begin to drift away and the peace and quiet in the room puts me in a pleasant lull. I have been caught snoring a few times. It was very embarassing at that time but I thought, ” After all I am an oldie, a nanna nap wont hurt anyone”. It actually perked me up and made the other students laugh. So I really like studying online. It suits me.

  8. Delaney

    Extracurricular activities

    An entire unit dedicated to navigating online forums, troubleshooting technology or becoming confident using computer programs may seem too obvious for some technologically inclined individuals. However, for me, studying online is an extracurricular activity ensuring I become confident in the above areas plus more. As a student nurse, it is easy to see the importance of computer literacy in relation to the growing rate of paperless health facilities. This principle can be applied to any degree due to the global trend of technology.

    Studying online encourages me to interact with colleagues using the Internet, practice “netiquette” and observe approved abbreviations, professional language and medical terminology specific to nursing. Practicing these skills prepares me for job tasks that may be overlooked in the overall nursing curriculum. Therefore, I chose to study online because I feel it develops skills that are useful for my career.

  9. Emmanuel Chiseluka

    Family Financial Hardships

    Online Distance Education offers a number of students coming from poor families especially here in Africa the chance to get higher education. There are a lot of poor families here in africa who can not afford to send their children for Full Time on Campus Education and are finding it easier educating their children through Online Distance Education. This has the flexibility to allows students raise the required tuition fees through working in a number of organizations whilst learning. Most of the students attend online classes after knocking off from work. The Bachelors Degrees or Masters Degree achieved through Online Education has the same value as compared to the one achieved through full time on Campus Education, and this has been helping a number of family students stabilize their living standards by getting good jobs on the market after graduation in the same way full time on campus students get jobs on the Market. The good part is that it does not clarify that the particular Degree was done through Online Education. That makes the value equal of obtained Degrees.

  10. Veronique

    Multitasks mama

    – Why did you say no to Jordan? We all have been waiting for him to pump the question and you said no? No to the most kind loving man of the entire world?
    – Yes I said no. I promised my father to get my MBA. If I get married now I will never be able to get even my bachelor’s degree. And on top of that, Jo wants to have kids.
    – Are you sure this is the only reason cherie?
    – Yes of course it is the only reason. what else would make me leave the man I love? Since the breakup I can’t even sleep.
    – But you can also study online! You don’t have to attend class at the campus! Listen, having five kids and raising them alone, I find studying online the only option for me to achieve my dream. It allows me to follow my schedule without trampling on the kids’ while I keep my job; which allows me to financially support all these activities.
    Would you also consider this option?
    – Wouw! Yes. Sure. I can work and study simultaneously!
    But…. how will I get my Jo back?

  11. Erica Livingston

    Learning Creative Writing

    Hi, my name is Erica and I am an oneironaut. I reside in the heel of Africa, yet I live in a world that doesn’t exist with characters who do not live. They breathe in me and around me, and in between the paper notes and tattered journals scattered all over my writing desk. I want them to be known. I want to share their story with the world. If only I had the honour of studying the alchemy of words called Creative Writing through a reputable Australian school, my Hogwarts of choice, perhaps I could breathe life into my fiction and let my dragons set ablaze the hearts of readers, and share with them the fire that fuels my soul. Studying online would help me achieve this and my innate desire to become a novelist.

  12. yae eun kim

    Precious Time

    Time is such a complicated thing. People say time flies when you have fun but actually, attending school makes time fly by. By the time you get to school, make your way to class, and back home, you’ve wasted many hours repeatedly throughout the week that you could’ve used studying in the comfort of your home. Those hours can be spent going to your kid’s games, spend quality time with your family, hang out with your friends, and have me time. You will stop feeling like you wasted time and feel more productive by studying online. Be productive in life and value your time.

  13. Marie Louise

    High ranked University at your home

    Accessing high-ranked University around the world without leaving your family is a tremendous advantage of studying online. With my experience of studying Master of Public health online in one University in Caribbean while I was still closer to my children and husband in Africa, I can say that no one can ignore the advantage of studying online. Now, it is not a matter where you live, being in Africa or elsewhere; with online studies, you can study in Australia, Europe or America without travel expenses or any geographical barrier. You just need your home, computer and internet to study in any University around the World which has an online program. Why wasting money in travels, accommodation and separate from your family while you can earn your degree online while staying at your home?

    I am planning to study my PhD online as studying online is my preferable method of learning.

  14. Sylvia Nanono

    Convenience is all I need as a doctor-mother

    I am thinking! Oh, I need Master’s degree to advance my career as a medical doctor to become a Public Health Specialist. How will I attend to my patients if I have to get up early to get dressed, take public transport on poor roads to the university and attend classes daily? My calling is to save lives, can I let go of the Masters in Public Health (MPH)? No, I need to attend to patients and at the same time advance my career. My goodness! Did I just forget that I am a mother of three children? My children need me and I need time to take care of them, but now it means that the time I have been spending with them will have to be diverted to pursuing MPH. Great! I have just remembered that I can study online Masters; all I need is a computer and internet, study from home and when my children need me, I can stop and attend to them. I can also study from the doctor’s room and when there is a patient, I can stop and attend to him/her.

  15. Staci Bradford

    Starting Life Over

    Well, where do I start? The benefits of going to school online are pretty simple, I get to enjoy my family, participate in my children’s school activities and will be able to maintain my mini domesticated pet farm we have.

    My main focus in deciding on an online school was the ease of access, staff whom are willing to help you out when you get stuck and a great support system in case you get discouraged. I am very proud to start school again after 10 years of going to community college. My children are my biggest motivation through all of this, I want them to see that no matter what happens in life, getting your education is what’s most important, especially if your my children who want to be a Paleontologist and a veterinarian! I hope that after these 4 years of hard work I can make a difference in small ways but make a big impact in my community and let the people of our community know that I am here to help turn this place around and make it a safer and more productive place to live..

  16. Tammy Bowlvy

    Overcoming Congestive Heart Failure

    I was diagnosed with CHF in 2011 and was given 6 months to live and it’s 2017 and I am not completely healthy and in order to be able to obtain a well-paying job in the career of my choice, I need to get a degree. Online schooling works best for me as I have 3 boys and a husband who I carpool around from school to work to after school events. I can do online schooling on the go if I need to with wifi and hotspots, it makes it convenient to be sitting at a football game and cheering for my son while reading up on material for class and posting comments. It’s a unique way to spend time at all my boy’s events as well as getting my schooling done. This way I get the education as well as seeing their sporting events. They think it’s cool to see their mom in the stands with her laptop and cheering their touchdowns all at the same time. If I can overcome CHF then I can achieve my goal of getting my degree.

  17. Claire S.

    Learning That’s Only Available Online

    No one will teach me what I want to learn. No brick-and-mortar school, anyway. I look at so many schools, each offering so many courses, diplomas, and degrees. I go to open houses, but after each one I say, “No, that’s not right either.”

    I know what I want. Why does no one offer it? I want to train horses.

    Finally, a course description draws me in. The science behind horse behaviour. Why, that would give me a window into every horse behaviour problem, from bucking and rearing to over-reacting or simply not responding. This is what I want: to be a horse trainer whose work has real effect, makes lasting change, and is simple to teach horse owners.

    But wait. ‘Online delivery.’ What does that mean?

    Learning online is not something I have thought of before. There is no other way to learn this material, though, so I sign up. Why not? Why can’t online learning be just as good (or better) than learning in a classroom? As I think, I see more and more benefits, but it keeps coming back to this: finally, I can learn what I want. Someone will teach me.

  18. Claire S.

    Where Does Your Professor Live?

    If I go to school in a classroom, I get a local expert. They know what they are talking about (usually). But they may not have the depth of knowledge I want. They are the closest person to an expert that the school could get to teach their course.

    But if I go to school online, I could get the world’s expert. No, they don’t know everything (no one does). But chances are, they’re the one who started that field of study, or they studied under the one who did, or they are so passionate about their topic that they decided to start a course on it. Those are the best teachers.

    So, where does your professor live? Mine lives in Australia.

  19. Claire S.

    Students are Teachers, Too

    One classmate was a doctor, one was an architect, and one was a teacher. I haven’t had a career yet.

    One is 53, one is 42, and one is 30. I haven’t had that many birthdays yet.

    All of us, gifted with various abilities, interests, pasts, presents, and futures, are joined together in one class by our one commonality. We all want to learn the same thing, and we all choose to go online to learn it.

    You would not believe how much depth it adds to the conversation when everyone brings unique experience and knowledge. We are not each in our own online world; we share with each other, support each other, and help each other learn. It makes regular high school and university, where nearly everyone is the same age and knows the same things, seem less appealing.

  20. Marinel Taljaard

    Time: Our Precious Resource

    In a world of Consumption we are often deprived of a valuable resource that sometimes unknowingly passes us by. Time. We no longer have time to reach our goals. We are so busy striving for survival that we run out of time to do the things that add value to our lives and before we know it,our lives have passed us by. This is where the concept of online studies offered a solution in my life. Through online studies,we as individuals, are provided with the opportunity to perform the tasks that we need in order to survive while at the same time, working towards the goals we want to accomplish in the future. It provides us with the silver lining that serves as the conqueror of the obstacles that stand in our way of reaching our career goals. Online studies are not only an education. They are the solution, because let’s face it, when it comes to things lost, time is the one thing we can never get back.

  21. Kelly Rose Jackson

    Where is your classroom?

    Mine is everywhere – Provided I have an internet connection and full cup of coffee.

    Online study allows me to open my laptop and work towards a degree from anywhere I can connect. When work takes me across the country or family takes me overseas on holiday, I never need to say no. Being a mobile student allows me the freedom to say yes more, which allows me to maintain strong relationships with family and friends.

    Last semester I packed up my things and buckled my dogs in the car, then drove across Australia twice! From Darwin to Adelaide to spend 6 weeks with my family, then Adelaide to Perth to move into a cosy new unit and I didn’t have to sacrifice my grades or the excitement of a road trip. I would never have had that option as an internal student.

    For rural residents, travellers, workforce professionals and stay-at-home parents, physical location is not a limitation. Full time university is challenging in so many aspects, but the flexibility to study online anywhere at any time can, at the least, reduce some stress and at most, can introduce a whole world of opportunities.

  22. Madison Gill

    Not an average teen

    Growing up I was never boisterous, was never into partying or alcohol. I was never interested in the stereotypical “uni life” on campus and never sat right with me to move from my country town to the city purely for the opportunity to get wasted and stay awake all night to prove I could ‘party’. Studying online was the solution to all of this. I could study and work towards my desire to be a midwife, without external pressures to interrupt and unsettle my values and morals. Studying online allows me to be who I am, and not succumb to what society thinks I should be. I am content with sipping on a cup of tea in my bedroom, writing essays and assignments, and slipping into bed at 9pm.

  23. Ashika


    I could always apply for scholarship for full time scholarship, however, it is very important that I stay in Fiji and continue with my full time job. My studies have to be done on part time basis either locally or online (internationally). I am the only one working in my family with a proper full time job. If I go abroad to study, I will not be able help my family financially the way I am doing right now. I support my parents and my brother. He (my brother) is too young (in high school) to be given such a responsibility yet. Life can be hard but priorities matter and for me right now, as much as I would love to be doing my masters out there, I have to try online options or just do it locally. But locally, I do not have many options on what to study. Online studies have made life so much better for people like me.

  24. Bayo Akinbo

    At my convenience

    Time was running out. I needed to improve my skills for career advancement. I had no time to take off work and my budget was slim. Moreover, I could not see an approval for a course flying at this season in the company. All the courses seem to wear the same armor – high cost, impossible timetables, distant locations.

    There must be a way out. Click, click…. Up pops a live chat on my tablet.
    “Have you considered studying online?”
    ‘Not really, I have always attended traditional classrooms’ I replied.
    “Give it a thought” said the advisor, “You get the same certificate. You can study anytime and anywhere”.
    ‘Hmm… What about content?’ said I.
    “Same trainers, same quality” she responded.
    ‘I will need to independently confirm your assertions, bye’ I closed the chat.

    Click, click, click … I think I have found something that might just work for me. Now the problem is when can I start? How long is it going to take? Click, click…Wow, anytime and at my own pace mostly. How about hidden costs? Click, click… Nothing more than the cost of my internet provider. Eureka! I have found it! So convenient.

  25. Jacqueline Kate

    Fork in the road

    It was once a dream of mine to flourish into a bright and inspirational young lawyer. This was put on hold when I discovered that completing your degree was only a stepping-stone to success.

    Experience was the key.

    I had no other choice than to relocate to a major city. My parents could not afford to support me financially. The government also refused to award me with the full payment of Youth Allowance because I didn’t meet their criteria. I had not saved up enough money to afford rent for much longer. The only option left was to work full time.

    After four months of searching, I was offered a position with a small boutique law firm. My only dilemma was how to complete study? I had moved eight hours away from home and could not physically attend classes. The only option was to study online.

    Without the availability of online study options, many adolescents or young career personnel who have reached a ‘fork in the road’ like myself, would struggle to reach their potential and fulfil their dreams.

  26. Marina

    It is the ultimate tool to feed your curiosity

    There are literally thousands books telling you that you need to find yourself, improve yourself and to change your life despite the age, family, money or responsibilities. But all those books give you only vague idea how to do it. How would I know what I’m good at? How would I know in which sphere would I have long-term interest in? There are more than half a million professions to choose from nowadays.

    In most societies changing the preferences more than 3 times would label you flimsy and unreliable. But you are not. You are just very curious. You want to know, you want to learn, you want to understand. It’s a seething desire, which people who don’t have it stigmatize and try to make you feel bad about.

    Distant learning gives it all to you. You can start and drop the subjects which are interesting but ultimately are not for you. You can do it till you find the one and only you can fell in love with. The one which gives you permanent motivation, and makes your life interesting and tolerable in ever-changing environment.

  27. Caitlin Adcock

    Taking a Breather

    I do not remember a time that I have not had a busy schedule. I have been a dancer for 13 years, and have always kept myself involved in school clubs and church activities. I have taken many leadership roles in my life, which consumed even more time, and I would never take a moment for myself to simply breathe. I was a full time student, and had a job that took up a great deal of my “free time.” My life was the definition of complete chaos.

    When I finally decided to take a course online, I was extremely nervous for the outcome; however, it changed my world for the better. Being able to do my work when I actually had the time was highly comforting. I hardly ever stressed about this course, and I enjoyed taking it wherever I chose to go. I often ended up in places that were open, full of sunlight, and had a sense of pure tranquility in the air.

    I could breathe again. I could take as many moments as I needed to relax, and actually enjoy myself while being productive in a course that I loved.

  28. Alicia Armelin

    Doing it My Way

    I can manage my live my entire life online and it’s amazing.

    From arranging visits to see my love abroad, to forging friendships over mutual interests, the social aspects alone make the online world one of convenience and wonder.

    For my education to be available through such means really sets me at ease. It’s a world I understand, a medium that requires no explanation beyond the simple rules of “When is X due?”

    I could be in my super comfortable plush black robe with its pockets and deep all-encompassing hood, behind comfortably tucked on my favorite chair in the comfort of my own home as I consider what I should do for an upcoming assignment.

    Maybe I could visit the library down the street and sit at a quiet desk to write things up, but if coordinating an outfit and putting pants on becomes too much effort, I can sure as heck stay inside and peck away at my keyboard completing my assignments.

    Am I a hermit? Perhaps at times, yes! That doesn’t mean I don’t deserve a bountiful education however!

    -May the campus going students unite! I shall be staying inside.

  29. Celeste

    Learning while Globetrotting

    Teaching is my profession and globetrotting is my passion. I’m a life long learner and an avid traveler. I’ve always had a passion for both of these things from a young age. It’s a constant battle, should I go travel or buckle down and take a course that is of true interest to me? This dilemma was solved when I discovered the wonderful world of online study! What I love about online study is that I can learn at my own speed. Whether I’m on a bullet train in Japan, a coffee shop in Italy, or in my bed back at home, I have 24 hour access to learning. Midnight or midday, I can continue to learn and grow with people from all over the world who are learning with me. That’s why online study is perfect for someone like me.

  30. Bryony Facey

    If you’re not happy, change it

    No-one has the control like you do for your own happiness. I work Monday to Friday in a role that some would consider soul crushing. It wasn’t my intention to stay, but life took the reins and this is where I ended up.

    I used to enjoy the challenges and the satisfaction it gave me fixing issues, but the gratitude I receive in return is slowly dwindling away.

    “I want to do more” I thought to myself one day. I researched and thought hard about what I wanted to do. My life won’t allow me to work part time and study, but I found other options and online study has opened so many opportunities.

    I can mould my study and life around each other to make it work for me and my family. It is the best option for me to lead the way to my dream career. Too much time has passed to let it go, and online study has shown me the way.

  31. Unity

    My mind on display

    Online study is having the ability to put my mind on display with no misconceptions. It doesn’t matter what race, religion, gender or body image I portray physically. It doesn’t matter how awkward I feel in a room full of people, or how intimidated I may feel in front of others. My intelligence is the only thing on display. My potential is the only thing that can be seen. Meeting like-minded people through a network designed to encourage social engagement, yet does not have pre-requisites of social or economic class in order to do so. It is a beautiful concept and one I am very grateful for, one that I encourage all to do if considering tertiary education. Put your mind on display and prepare to have it looked at without prejudice.

  32. Alicia Chevalier

    No Place Like Home

    As a former home schooler, I am quite familiar with unconventional schooling methods. Entering college was a different experience for sure, but the transition was not as “traumatic” as people painted it out to be. Homeschooling prepared me for life as an independent and self paced learner. Going to college was a great experience and I enjoyed every new aspect to it. Although I was enjoying the newness of college life, my biggest struggle was having to get dressed for school. I know that sounds trivial, but four years in pajamas and comfortable house clothes can do that to you. A couple semesters in, I figured the sub universe that is online classes! Arguably, online classes are harder than on campus classes, but hard work was not something that scared me. Online classes reminded me of my happy home school days in which I could once again do school work in pajamas. More than comfortable clothing, is the simple fact that online classes allow students to work in an environment they are accustomed to. You can wear what you want, eat when you want, and work when you want. Online classes have helped me to realize that there truly is no place like home.

  33. Timothy Randall

    Independent Employee

    One of the most important things studying university online teaches students is the personal responsibility to learn, research and motivate. In other words, it requires students to be independent. While this can appear to be a university trait in general, as most of my non-home-schooled peers tell me, studying online capitalises on this requirement. Studying on-campus requires attending lectures, the ability to ask questions in class, access to the library and form study groups. Studying online does not give you such a structure. The entire learning experience is at your own pace, whether it be to your pleasure or peril. Either circumstance forces the responsibility of learning upon the student. It requires much more, if not absolute, independent study and work. This is an invaluable skill learnt by pure necessity if one is studying online. This skill translates seamlessly into the workforce after studying. Employers actively seek out employees who have the ability to work on their own without being told what to do. This is because they do not have to monitor them continuously and thus gain trust. Further, if one wishes to establish their own business, this skill will endlessly aid them in their endeavours.

  34. Timothy Randall

    The Summer Semester

    Online study has enabled most universities to offer more subjects over the summer semester between the middle November to late February. This is generally done by using the same material and recorded lectures given to online students in semester one and two and posting them in the same format. Subjects that were previously unavailable have now become available to students. This is allowing students to study, whether they are on-campus students or online students. This allows both types of students to get ahead in their studies or take less subjects in semester one or two. This summer se gives students who failed a subject an opportunity to retake the subject and officially graduate the same time as their peers. It is also allowing for entirely new subjects to be created. Some course content is too short to span a regular semester. It is in the summer semester these specialised areas are now available to be taught. Most to all of which are only available online. Online study has expanded the stud availability by allowing courses to be taught over the summer semester.

  35. Maddeline Pitts

    Netflix and Chill

    Being a busy mother of three is no easy job. After all the washing, cooking, cleaning and running about after three little kids and one big one (my husband), it means that you’re pooped at the end of the day!

    Then every day begins to mould into each other, they all look the same and you begin to feel as though you’re Phil Connors in Groundhog Day. Well my ambitions are higher than that of my mother. I love my children dearly but am in no way fulfilled with daily trail of nappies, endless clothes and lack of sleep.

    So with all the naysayers behind me and my ruthless spontaneity, I enrolled in a Bachelor of Criminology with UNE. The ability to study online has meant that it is actually possible for me to be more than “Betty Home Maker”, to aspire to be someone that is a role model for my children and follow a path that is more engaging than the path of destruction my youngest leaves behind her.

    To conclude, online study allows me to replace my Netflix and Chill most nights with riveting lectures and still meeting my motherly quota through the day.

  36. Liene

    My Story

    I could You probably the same thing everyone else has already written here and it would be true. Because I really agree with all of them. But to make it all more interesting, I am going to tell you my story.

    Story starts with a girl (that’s me) who started living for herself only at the age of 28 (that’s now). Only now I see clearly that this life is for me, that I should do the things I like, the things that matter to me. I have to take actions into my own hands. Online education makes that possible with much less effort and stress – which nowadays really seems like a miracle. Online education opens a golden gate to new possibilities, experiences, because I can be where ever while studying. I can pursue two dreams at one – work as an English teacher in Tokyo and study online for my degree.

    However, a decent sense of discipline is needed if You wish to get, for example, master’s degree in IT studying online. But just imagine scenario where I sit in a park in Tokyo, eating my sushi while preparing my homework or doing some reading for my studies. Absolutely amazing!

  37. Isam Muneer

    Looking through the thick smoke of war

    In 2013 I was accepted in the most prestigious medical college in Iraq, a country torn by war and corruption. In the beginning, I thought I’ll get the best education and opportunities to conduct research, but soon I learned that I was wrong. There are certain things you can’t change, like the place where you were born or the corruption that surrounds you.

    I was searching for any opportunity to stay updated and to gain skills so I can match what’s happening in other countries. For 3 years, I tried to work my way and in 2016 the moment came when I took my first online course after applying for a financial aid (which was a barrier for me).

    Since then, I conducted several research projects and presented them in national conferences. I improved my language, started a project to help disadvantaged students to improve their knowledge and gain skills to conduct research, and now teaching them how to get online courses.

    Being in Iraq is no longer a huge barrier for us, online courses connected us with the world, and now we are starting to show the world what we can do.

  38. Siti Raihanah Abdani

    Life Long Learning

    The first time I heard about online study is when I was doing my master’s degree in medical image processing. It is a research-based program in Faculty of Engineering, which is totally a new field to me as I came from pure biomedical science background. Up until then, I don’t even know what programming is. Given limited resources, I turned my full effort to learn programming by subscribing to many online courses, so that I can do my research as soon as possible. I started with learning Matlab and later move on to Python, due to its popularity in deep learning. Then, the field is evolving too fast and without self-life-long-learning, I will be left out. Hence, an online learning platform is very much the best approach to keep myself updated with the new technology without even sacrificing my current commitment to my dearly family. Indeed, online learning has empowered housewife such as myself to be a better mom, knowing that mom roles in the future will surely grow that might include teaching programming to my beloved kids. It is a dream to be able to keep challenging myself with the new things while keeping home clean.

  39. Viktoriia

    Effective Investment

    When you see this you probably think that I am an office worker , maybe even with glasses and wearing a black suit and just doing some paper work 😊. And you are wrong!

    I am a teacher, and I bet you smile when read this! Of course like any teacher I am eager to share my knowledge with others but the following question is arising in my mind : “ Do you have enough to share? “. Well, it’s never enough and that’s why all the time I try different ways to improve, to get more skills and of course online studying is one of them. Why so? Well, it is a good question, of course I can list lots of advantages but I guess if you are here, you know them already. For me, online studying is an effective investment in my students and their future. I can tell you for sure that any skill should have its proper use and if not, it’s going to be wasted. I want to learn all life long but the most important that I want my students to surpass me and it’s going to be the best gift ever!

  40. Peter Chandler

    A Fish in Pyjamas

    It’s 6am, cold and raining outside. My whale-sounding alarm clock makes me wonder if life would be better as a fish. Shorty l will be swimming in a sea of traffic on my way to this mornings lecture, struggling to find a parking space, contending with endless distractions, confusing lecture halls and in your face competition with my peers. If I were a fish I could be flexible, waking when I wanted, swimming with the crowd, flowing with the tide, or going in my own direction. Doing things in my own time, independent, yet still connected to the whole, with a healthy distance in between. As my toes touch the chilling parquetry floor a realization suddenly dawns. This year I chose to study online. A wave of joy and cosiness washes over my body as I fetch my laptop from the kitchen and slide back into bed. I can start working immediately, no need to go anywhere. Toastily typing my next masterpiece I ponder what’s for breakfast? Maybe smoked salmon and eggs? In the past friends have asked me, ‘why would you choose to study online?’ My reply is simple, why swim against the tide.

  41. Kate Baddiley

    No more ‘ice breaker’ lectures!

    I finished my Bachelor of Psychological Science at the end of 2017 after the longest 5 years of my life. My degree, though interesting at times seemed to drag on and on and on… Though my course was intended to be a 3 year undergraduate degree, I found myself working full time in a high school as their social justice and fundraising coordinator. I fell in love with my job and what came with it; connecting with young people and sharing a view on the world that they could take forward into any career that they chose. Together we have raised upwards of $50,000 for various charities over the years- not a bad substitute for finishing my degree on time.

    I now find myself ready for the next phase. I have enrolled in a Masters of Secondary Teaching but couldn’t bear to leave my job just yet so have opted for online study. And if that isn’t reason enough, now I don’t ever have to attend another ‘get to know you’ or ‘icebreaker’ lecture ever again!

  42. Jennifer Gaiter


    I can study, pay my bills, AND clean up baby vomit! Online studying gives me the freedom to wear three hats – to be a student, work my casual job, and be there for my kids when they need me. Watching the lectures from the freedom of my loungeroom is extremely convenient. There’s no missing valuable information when one of my kids decides to stick lego up their nose (again!), because you can just hit pause.

    In all seriousness, however, online study gives me the ability to be financially free while being flexible with my family life. It allows me to study whenever and wherever I choose, and lets me create my own motivation (be honest – who wants to be dig lego out of small nostrils for the rest of their lives?)

    Online studying is perfect if you already have important commitments in your life not suited to ‘traditional’ university, and it has given me the ability to pursue a career. Without the flexibility of online study I wouldn’t have the ability to evolve into the person I want to be.

  43. Humaira Abul Faiz

    Enjoy all the flexibility you could ask for

    Online degree Bachelors or Masters give you the possibility to combine independent learning with your work or family responsibilities. Online courses are specially designed for self-study and are often personalised to fit the needs of individual students.

    In a nutshell, you can learn at your own pace, since you won’t be constrained to a fixed timetable. Schedule your time to log-in for your courses and to do your assignments. Additionally, you also have the possibility to save and record your lessons and read and replay them as much as you like.

    You have complete freedom to pick your learning environment: you can study at your job, after working hours are over (if you have the possibility), at home, on your way to work, etc.

  44. Sally Furber

    Can’t Choose Your Family-But I Chose to Study

    I always aspired to attend university, earn a degree, and positively impact the world. My dream was altered when I discovered that my family was in financial trouble, and I decided to join the family cleaning business as to help support them; giving up on education to work fulltime. After a few years of this, I decided to do something for myself and began taking units through OUA so I could qualify for university. Finally earning a place, I started studying a full-time course load during the nights and working as a cleaner during the day.

    Three years on and during the final unit of my fully-online bachelor’s degree, my mother walked out; leaving me without a job and as the sole carer for my elderly and terminally ill (multiple myeloma) father. Knock-down after knock-down, all while I was trying to do the right thing; I felt like my efforts had been a waste of time. And then it arrived – an invitation to apply for the honours program at my university. Thanks to the accessibility and equal opportunity that online study offers, this does not have to be the end of my educational aspirations. It is only the beginning.

  45. Sue de Vive

    I’m 58 and I want a new career!

    I don’t want to sell insurance anymore! It’s not very exciting. I want to do something that I am passionate about! Something that will benefit the environment. Something that will give me a sense of satisfaction and will nourish my brain.

    So, when I came to the UNE site and saw the ON LINE Diploma of Town Planning, I signed up! Easy! The experience so far has been wonderful with a supportive university that is exceptional at delivering on line distance education. After the diploma I will go on to the degree! Who’d ‘ve thought that would ever be possible?

    As a busy working grandmother (still selling insurance), it’s great to know that I have flexibility in my study. It would not be possible for me to attend university on any campus.

    I supported a husband to achieve his career goals, then he left and I supported my children as a single mother. It’s my turn now!

    I am so enthusiastic to take on a new career. I plan to keep fit and healthy and work until I’m eighty and put my education to good use!

    Thankyou UNE for making this possible!

  46. Christine Bennetts

    It’s like Online Shopping…with less regrets in five years time

    Online study means I can select a course and “Add to Cart” like it was an outfit for this weekend. Similarly to Afterpay which I like to call God’s gift to humanity, HECS-HELP means I get the instant gratification without having to worry about the fees all in one hit (future Christine can worry about that). I will never pull my parchment out of the wardrobe and grimace in disgust crying “What was I thinking?!” as I have done for snap pants, matching velour tracksuits or platform Spice Girl shoes. Every essay, unit and course has shaped my knowledge of how the world works. I am passionate about Italian (the language, not a kitschy T-shirt with a statue of David on it) and Intelligence Analysis (the discipline and not a subscription to the latest episodes of Homeland) and I now have them at my fingertips through two Australian universities. But in contrast to my outfit for this weekend (which is a fashionista masterpiece in case you were wondering), the course I added to my cart, is an investment in my future career which will never go out of style.

  47. Michelle Wyatt

    Blessed Necessity

    When I began studying online, there was no other feasible option given my life circumstances. Now, however, I realise, I’d really not have it any other way.

    I never fit quite right in a classroom. Free-spirited, wilful, easily distracted. Yes, these were the nicer comments on my report cards. Now, in a more hospitable environment, I’m kicking goals and taking names. I’m in my third year, and I love the learning that goes on here. My brain has the freedom it needs to make the connections that feed the next ones.

    I have found the zone. I have fresh brewed espresso on hand, a cosy office and a furry study buddy snuggled on my lap. The housework needn’t slide, too much, anyway, and I can rely on my own healthy kitchen to fuel the process.

    Furthermore, I get to be present for all of my five year old’s theatrics. Online study life is good.

  48. Isabella Bracey

    Self improvement while working in my field.

    I recently finished my Bachelor of Social Work, and swore that I would not be one of those people that seem to never stop studying. I was done with done with cold exam halls and cranky exam supervisors, and I was definitely over getting out of bed at the crack of dawn, only to attend a lecture that had been cancelled or where the lecturer couldn’t get the projector to work! Plus I had become bitter to paying $7 for a small serving of hot chips at the Uni Café. I got my dream job, and thought I was done with tertiary education. But then I realised I wasn’t finished learning! Now I can work full time in a job I adore, and complete my Master’s Degree online from the comfort of my own home (and with all the delicious food I like!). Plus my area of study is incredibly applicable to my professional role, and so I feel I am improving my practice. If there is an IT glitch I only have myself to blame. I love the freedom that online study affords me!

  49. Mikayla Stephens

    Freedom of Choice

    When you’re a young adult, live out of home, work two jobs and want to improve your career at the same time, you need the ability to choose when and how you study. Online study gives you that freedom of choice. You aren’t locked into a timetable where you must attend a learning centre three times a week. You can choose to watch lecture recordings that go for an hour or listen to podcasts as you fall asleep. You can go out on a Friday night with your mates and do your uni work in your pyjamas over the weekend in the comfort of your own home. Online study is the future of education for young and old. The world is your oyster, take it in the palm of your hands and run with it.

  50. Katie Heath

    Online Saves Time

    Each week I save at least 20 hours of my life by studying online. It sounds unbelievable, but let me explain. In a five day week I save around 10 hours in travelling – that’s based on an hour commute each way. Another 5 hours is saved by being able to study as I am; no getting dressed for uni, doing make up or packing my bag, lunch and snacks. There’s also another 5 hours of indirect time savings by avoiding post-lesson chit chat, cancelled lectures, delayed buses and random university fire drills. All these savings mean I can not only study but also spend time with my family and exercise. There is no question that online study is an obvious choice.

  51. johannes Magombo

    eruditeness, nostagia and globetrotting

    For several times I have failed to get what the desired job. I never gave up trying till the day I got my teaching license. It was not my dream profession but that is what came into my life.
    teaching can be fun if you master the skills of transmitting information to your students. An erudite teacher will greatly contribute to the development of a country.

    As a teacher wishing to enrich my teaching skills and continue contributing in the social wellness of my family and country, on line studying is the right option. This allows the student to study st his own pace while acquiring the skills (eruditeness) and socializing with other learners from all over the world (globetrotting). Because it is only those who are eager to earn the degree and willing to spare their blankets to laptops and webinars hence nostagia.

  52. Jessica Churchill

    My Time

    I am so thrilled that I now have the opportunity to study online! When I left school I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do career wise and was lucky to spend a gap year working in the horse racing industry which is a much loved interest of mine. As life continued I began working in the early childhood industry and finally found a career that I am truly passionate about. Studying online gives me the opportunity to extend my skills and build my knowledge in a flexible learning environment allowing me to continue working and spending time with my beautiful family. I am able to choose when I dedicate time to my study and this means I don’t have to miss any of the milestones my two beautiful girls reach. I now have something for me to do in MY TIME.

  53. Joycee F. Tome

    When there’s a will, online study is the way.

    Blessed are those who have the capacity to study at a well-known university. And blessed are those who strived harder in order to graduate despite their financial incapacity. I am blessed and I thank myself for not losing hope for the benefit of my own future.

    I remember when I finished high school, my parents told me that they cannot afford to send me to college. I was sad and hopeless. What about my future? Was it really over? I prayed and I cried. I was desperate.

    However, I am determined to look for another way. Perhaps a scholarship, but I didn’t graduate with high honors. How can I be a scholar? Instead, I applied to become a non-academic scholar. I worked at the university while studying. It wasn’t easy. I learned the hard way and I am proud.

    I became an engineer and to develop my skills and career I wanted to study a higher degree program. This is my goal. Online study is the way to gain that diploma I am aiming for. I am hopeful and determined. Because when there’s a will, there will always be a way.

  54. Amanda Chapman

    Parenting while you study

    Online study means I can continue to work and support my family while I still get the education I have always wanted. I am 32 and have been a single parent for 13 years. We do not have anyone to help, it’s just me and my children. I have completed a number of courses online and I love being able to increase my education and be home with my family. If online study was not an option, then I couldn’t study, and I would never be able to further my career.
    Being a parent, (single or not) does not mean that you can’t be the best you can be. The options are endless now days. There is nothing you can’t do if you put your mind to it. There are always challenges but I am able to overcome anything that comes my way. I look forward to starting my study adventure once again with CSU. I want to be a role model for my children and other parents out there.

  55. Ben Ackerman

    The freedom to do it all

    My life is complicated, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I constantly seek to live in and experience extreme environments to satisfy my burning wanderlust, which is generally a lifestyle incompatible with living in cities or on-campus. I have completed numerous essays overlooking snow covered mountains in Australia and Canada, perused the odd textbook whilst enjoying a drink on tropical islands in Queensland, and studied under shady trees overlooking Uluru and Kata Tjuta in the Australian Outback. I have also had the opportunity to study on my own terms whilst living abroad not once, but twice.

    Studying online allows for me to work towards a future career on my terms. I don’t have to choose between an education or the lifestyle I have come to enjoy. I can study part-time, work intermittently, and indulge in creative and spiritual pursuits until I am ready to settle down.

    The ultimate work-life balance.

  56. Laura Girouard

    The World is my Oyster

    For 13 years I was told what days I was expected to attend school, what time I had to go to class and even what time I was allowed to eat lunch. Then I graduated and thought “Wow I’m an adult now, no one can tell me what to do!” Enters stage left: adulthood and fulltime work.

    Once again, I was being told what time I had to wake up and go to work, what day I was and was not allowed to have off and was being forced to choose between having money and having a social life. My life was being dictated by business opening and closing times and public transport timetables.

    When I started studying online, the world became my oyster. My adventure began and I hesitantly left Armidale for Brisbane. “That was easy” I thought, so I needed a bigger challenge. Canada here I come! Online study allowed me to live in Quebec for 2 years then travel to Cuba and back to the Gold Coast. Without online study, I never would have travelled, I never would have met my now husband and I never would have accomplished my dreams.

  57. Jake Curran

    Online Education Opportunities

    Knowledge does not comply within timeframe constraints, Why Should We?
    “Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it’ll spend the rest of its life believing it is stupid.” -Albert Einstein
    As Australians we boast our individual identity and diversity, yet can often find ourselves lost in the crowd due to standardised teaching systems. This need not be the case however, with the introduction of online education resources and study opportunities, a fish is free to avoid judgement on its ability to climb a tree. That is, students are able to customise their learning environment to best suit their own personal needs. The level of freedom and flexibility that online study provides to us students is unparalleled by any on-campus system.
    We must also consider that online education systems are constantly being developed and improved upon, only adding the potential benefits online study has to offer individuals. As online education is still only in its infancy when compared to the tradition classroom environment, I have no doubt in my mind that online education systems will only progress and develop further in the future.

  58. Amber Robson

    A Narrow Window of Time

    I am awoken by my four year-old son sticking his fingers into into my eyes, or whispering nonsense into my ear. My early-bird husband, generally already dressed and ready for work wills me out of bed to do the same. After a flurried 20 minutes of pet feeding, lunch and breakfast preparing, with coffee in hand, I head out the door for the Pre-School drop off.

    When I finally arrive at my job as an assistant school librarian (one in which my previous degree in Fine Arts in no way prepared me for, but thus is the logic of a creative school leaver to study art) I am one coffee down and ready for a crazy fulfilling day. A day of resourcing teachers; supervising students; suggesting learning enriching texts to whomever should walk through our doors; creating captivating displays (see that BFA wasn’t for nothing) and just being that proverbial modestly-clad-glasses-wearing-librarian.

    The Pre-School pick-up and subsequent trip home, then dinner prep, a bit of cleaning, and a chat to my husband about our days, culminates in bed time for our son.

    Now this time could be spent trawling through the interesting lives of my loved ones on Social Media. However, I have found that instead, it is perfect for gaining experience within my field, enlarging my knowledge base, creating a tailored and curated study plan; this is my time for online learning and online study has afforded me this privilege.

  59. Eugenio Alonso

    The Kafka Syndrome

    “You do not need to leave your room. Remain sitting at your table and listen. Do not even listen, simply wait, be quiet, still and solitary. The world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked, it has no choice, it will roll in ecstasy at your feet.” A powerful quote by writer Franz Kafka inspired by his agoraphobic tendencies due to a personality disorder. All his writings were in the same setting; his private home in complete silence on his wooden desk. sensitive to noise and easily distracted due to his disorder, Kafka’s intimate environment was vital for his creative process.

    I also experience similar symptoms of distraction. A classroom is covered with distractions and stressful interactions. Many studies indicate that cognitive functioning is most effective and efficient when in a comfort zone. Online classes gave me a more intimate learning experience by allowing me to learn from the comfort of my home.

    The number of doors opened by this learning system has changed lives, especially those with deficit disorders. like Kafka, we all have dysfunctions that affect our personal learning process, and seek this place of comfort where our minds work at its best.

  60. Sherrin Dunlevie

    Crawling until I can walk

    At 20 years old I woke up in crippling pain, unable to get out of my bedroom. I couldn’t stand on my feet or open the door. Through months of testing and misdiagnosis, doctors arrived at the conclusion that I had developed Rheumatoid arthritis. At the time I studied on campus at the University of Newcastle, and through the trial and error of medication, diet and lifestyle changes, I began to struggle. My attendance to both university and social outings dwindled. Eventually I managed to get on top of my condition, but unfortunately there were still many aspects that did not fit well with on-campus study.

    After finishing my first degree I was determined not to let this get the best of me, but the In-service conversion degree I wanted to do was only available at a distance far too taxing on my body. Not to mention, doing full time university can be highly taxing.

    Studying online has given me the opportunity to manage my time, studies and body in a healthy way. Time to time, I flare up and walking, opening things and writing, once again become a struggle, but I know that it won’t stop me from achieving my goals with the availability of online study.

  61. chibesa ngulube

    The Hole in My Pocket!

    Online education may not be the best choice for everyone but it definitely is for me. The hole in my pocket is definitely smaller with online education. Although not in all cases, online education is cheaper than traditional school especially for adult returning students like me. I have no distance to cover so my gas stays in the tank, mostly no paper to print so the trees are safe and less money on mitigating environmental problems, networking with different profiled individuals at no cost at all, plus I don’t need to blackmail my little girls with candy every time am off to school so every coin is saved. These savings have a major impact on my overall higher education expenses, and the size of the hole in my pocket.

  62. Thomas Hayes

    Family Time

    One of the biggest reasons that I have studied online is to be able to be with my family. Online school is a perfect alternative to traditional classrooms because it allows me to choose when I do my work so that I can continue to put my family first. I know that obtaining an education is a priority, and online school helps me align my educational goals as well as allowing me to continue being with my family. School should serve as a means to help your family, not replace it.

  63. Dawn Lewis

    Doing What I Like

    Coffee is my life-source. The hot creamy liquid is comforting, and its smooth homely smell competes with acrid highlighters and musty books to fill my nose. My laptop cooling fan sounds wildly as my lecturer’s miniaturized figure switches the recorded screen to a slide and begins annotating the problem displayed. I continue to sip my coffee and slurp my cereal while I pause the recording to review the solution against the assigned reading. The problem is finished and the recording switches back to the presenter. Next to his head is a sign read writing on a white background “No food or drink in the lecture theatre”.

  64. Daniel

    To be the master of one’s time

    Time is by far the most invaluable commodity given to humans. Yet so many of us dispose of it as if it costs nothing and is not inevitably escaping from us with great speed. As Seneca wrote, “people are frugal in guarding their personal property; but as soon as it comes to squandering time, they are most wasteful of the one thing in which it is right to be stingy”.

    Commuting to lectures, waiting in queues, having to adjust activities to an often arbitrarily composed schedule, and countless other seemingly insignificant distractions add up and take away far too many hours that the student could have spent productively.

    Online study allows to utilise time in the most effective way and focus instead on what truly matters – the cultivation of one’s intellect. Not only is it the ultimate tool for improving the ability to manage time (perhaps the most useful skill in today’s rapid-paced world), but it dispenses of the meaningless activities that the majority of students are bound to face every day. Those who study online can surely attest to the quote: “life is long if you know how to use it”.

  65. Jia Yi Wong

    Keep Your Furry Buds Near

    Why leave your adorable cat alone at home just because you need to get out of the house to pursue your studies? All pet lovers treat their fur babies as a family member, one much loved. Cuddling with your pet reduces stress, any negative emotions and the feeling of fatigue. But pets are not allowed in lecture theatres or tutorial rooms. Instead, you are required to sit upright in a small uncomfortable seat, furiously jot down notes and engage in discussions with strangers. So why not opt for online studies where you can wear your baggy clothes, huddle in in an old armchair with your cat on your lap and obtain knowledge just the same? Being in an environment that makes you comfortable, stroking your pet while studying materials that you have access to at any time of the day and night; it certainly makes higher education less daunting and more enjoyable.

  66. Annie Fulton

    A Place to Call Home

    Imagine a small town, one often missed by the hustle and bustle of travellers on the highway that detours to urbanisation; where coal and cattle is a plenty and the irrigation flows; where you’ll find fruit & veg at the post office and ammo at the news agency; where shops have been owned, and operated by the same families since the 1920’s and the pub is owned by the locals at $2 a share. The main street is brought alive by friends and families catching up on a few while the palm trees stand silent and adore the view.
    This isn’t a fairy tale land this is Theodore, where Castle Creek meets the Dawson River and it will inevitably flood on the odd occasion of drought breaking rain. To me this is home. This is where my life is, where I love, where I work, where I live and where my family tree dates back for generations. Online study means I don’t have to leave my life and this paradise to grow, I can achieve my desire to learn while living the life I have been blessed with, in the place I call home.

  67. Daniel


    While the prospect of having daily responsibilities clearly outlined may seem comforting, it does little to prepare students for adulthood, when they will be thrown into the deep end of a seemingly chaotic life.

    Students are expected to attend lectures with a set schedule, write exams, have a few months off, and repeat the process. This does make life easier to navigate – for a while. Real life, however, is not like this. Ultimately, only you oversee your own obligations, a realisation that often leads new graduates to feel disoriented. How can they “go out and change the world” if they can barely even plan their day without a schedule telling them what to do?

    Those who study online, however, are accustomed to taking responsibility for their personal development. Online study provides a vision for their future and the tools to achieve it, so that being in control of their lives is not a burden, but a privilege. It teaches them self-discipline and perseverance, the skills needed to attain a healthy balance between the forces of order and chaos that permeate our lives. As a result, they know how to benefit others because they first learned to look after themselves.

  68. Christine

    Scared of Just About Everything…

    For years I had put off study at university. I told myself that I wasn’t clever enough to study at that level. I wasn’t funny or charming enough to meet classmates.

    I struggled at school in the past, living with anxiety and ADHD, and this alone was reason not to attempt further education. I have trouble in social situations and the thought of going to campus: meeting new people; seeing old acquaintances; and just generally talking to other human beings was completely overwhelming! The thought of being away from the comfort of my safe and secure home was terrifying.

    A friend recommended online study as a great way to engage in learning (and the wide world beyond my little bubble!), whilst being able to look after myself.

    I enrolled last year by closing my eyes and pressing the ‘submit’ button. I was accepted and am now in my second semester, managing to defy my own self-doubt and gaining High Distinctions for the majority of my assessments. My online community is supportive and kind and so very like me.

    Online study is the best thing I’ve ever done.

  69. Laura Delli-Pizzi

    Beating the Odds

    Online study is my powerful weapon in my fight against personal disadvantage. Instead of accepting having being consumed and rejected by a competitive industry after 5 years of university study and 9 years of work experience and dedication, I have turned to online study to empower myself with more knowledge and additional qualifications in pursuit of a new career path. To simply say that “I tried, but didn’t make it in the industry”, or that “my disability is proving that I’m unable to work” would be to surrender myself to forces that I can and will overcome. Online study allows me to organise and pace my learning around my needs, and also to engage in casual work whilst studying. I am also able to pause, rewind and revisit lectures and tutorials, in order to maximise the knowledge and understanding I obtain through engagement with my course. Before too long, I will win my battle. I will still be a person with a disability, but will also be a person with extensive education, knowledge, skills and life experience- one who did not allow disability to define or restrict her. Online study will have made all of this possible.

  70. Tara Pettner

    Sleepwalking Through Life

    I have always been a night owl. Waking up early is a huge feat for me, and when I do wake up early, I basically sleepwalk through life. I have no energy for most of the day, and I never feel like being productive. I tend to do my best thinking at night, but I have no idea why.

    Now that I have one year of college under my belt, I realized that people can be much more productive if they wake up early. I have the hardest time doing that. So much so, that I have even missed some morning classes.

    With online study, I do not have to be up for 8 a.m. classes. I can study in the comfort of my home, without having to dress nice and look presentable every day. I have the opportunity to complete my work when and where I want to. Best of all, I can concentrate completely because there are no distracting classmates.

    With fewer distractions and a more flexible schedule, I am able to do all the things I love, and I always have time for friends and family. I no longer have to sleepwalk through life.

  71. Abbey Jensen

    Balancing Life Harmoniously

    Being able to study online allows me to balance the responsibilities in my life with great ease. I am able to balance, work, recreation, study, family and friends, all because my course is online. My friends and family are shocked when they find out that I am able to juggle two jobs, and study full time online without a complaint. Online study allows me to access it when I want to and allows me to be as flexible as a gymnast keeping all the areas above in harmony whilst also ensuring I perform at my very best in all aspects. Previously when studying in person, I struggled to balance life and one or more aspects would drop when I tried to focus on another. I would be walking on a wobbly tightrope with a huge fall below me. I would have to choose between socialising or studying, whereas now that is not even a thought that passes through my mind. Now I am able to walk backward with my eyes closed on this tightrope.

  72. Mary Grace Vandervelde

    Dreamer with no time to dream

    I haven’t lived. I’m barely 18; just entering into this magnetic world. All I can think about is time, and how little time I have. Less and less time to dream, and less time to believe they will come true. I do my best thinking when I’m alone while listening to practically anything on vinyl. I sit on my bed and scroll through Pinterest and proceed to get mad that I can’t repaint my room right then and there. I have to take little steps in what I know I can do at a particular moment and what sorts of things are long-term goals. The amazing thing about knowing I can reserve my day for working and dreaming a little too while also staying on top of my studies is a win for me. I took an online course in high school and it was easily my favorite class. I had the pleasure of sitting in the comfort of my own home or I was able to go out to one of my happy places where productivity and creativity collide. Online classes can be handled differently by every person. I study online because it opens the opportunity to see what sorts of learning approaches are best for me. When I can figure things out on my own successfully and efficiently, I end up with a whole new perspective on learning. Studying online allowed me to learn accountability and responsibility which is necessary for my transition into adulthood. This experience has helped me set little goals and pace myself when it comes to my dreams. I chose this form of learning to help advance myself in our forever growing technological society, but it has also given me more of the time I desperately need to excel in my personal growth as a young dreamer.

  73. Kate Terry

    Tip-top shape for my kiddies!

    OK, so I have no children and I’m not yet married. But I’m going to be the best darn teacher that ever lived! The reason – I have online study on my side, protecting me from the biffs of Endometriosis and Adenomyosis. While the hustle and bustle of a 9-5 working life followed by nocturnal studying is doable for some, it’s just not an option for those of us who are chronically ill and trying to make their way forward in the world. Studying online means achieving all the things I need to get the upper hand on my health with zero burning out: gym-ing when I’m well, having walks in the sun when I gosh darn feel like it, and most importantly – getting assignments in early with zero stress and ALL the control when it comes to a study schedule that promotes my health. This environment is a success story in the making, and when I walk into my future classroom on the first day of school with the sweet, sweet taste of health in my veins, I know I will have the time of my life teaching our next generation of incredible Aussies.

  74. Tory Bootcheck

    Forget Geography

    The reason to study online is geographical—learning new skills and concepts should never transpire by sitting a group of bored individuals into a small room and forcing them to learn something new. Humans had to wait thousands of years for the technology to enable mankind to learn anywhere on Earth where an Internet connection exists. This is important because humans, especially United States citizens, are both lazy and motivated at the same time. We seek pleasure through entertainment, dining, and learning, but don’t wish to pursue any of them unless we can do so by not straying far from home. The technology for online learning is also varied and easy to use, eliminating yet another barrier to entry.

  75. Isabelle Wentworth

    Going the Distance

    Isabelle Wentworth

    The term ‘Distance Education’ is, for me, somewhat of a misnomer. When I’m sitting in my room late at night, cup of half-drunk tea forgotten in my hand, absorbed in my course, I’ve never felt more close, or more personally connected, to my education.

    It’s not just the flexibility with place and time, though this is wonderful. It’s the opportunity to engage with institutions of learning on my own terms. In my undergraduate years, waking up early for massive lectures delivered by a professor who would never know my name, scribbling madly to keep up with the endless slides, ticking myself off on the attendance list, squeezing out with the bottlenecked crowd – this, I felt, was distance education. I was detached from my own learning, as nondescript and impersonal as the black tick next to my name. Distance Ed, however, has been a personal journey, allowing me the autonomy and individuality to forge a close relationship with my own education.

    Distance Ed has returned my learning to me.
    And as I sit in bed with my third cup of tea,
    Engrossed deep in the world of philology,
    I feel thankful for this chance to study, closely.

  76. Karolina Wrobel

    Moments Gained

    Online study lets you do things you thought you would have to miss out on.

    Before I commenced my Bachelor of Environmental Science online, I thought I would have to give up dancing.

    I figured I wouldn’t have the time to go hiking on the weekends.

    I realised how little time I would have to socialise with my friends, especially working full time and leading a very active life.

    What I actually wanted was to further my career without sacrificing any part of my current lifestyle.

    And I got exactly that.

    Now, I watch a lecture online on my laptop before I go to dance practice.

    I read a chapter of my textbook on my phone while getting to the hiking location.

    I start writing a paper review on the train on my way to Sydney to catch up with my friends and go to a concert.

    Online study has no limits. Quite the opposite – it gives you endless opportunities to utilise time you didn’t even think you had!

  77. Luisa Foliaki

    Lead by Example

    “My teachers tell us what to do all the time, but they don’t do it themselves. There must be a word for it.” Master six stormed, stomping off the bus after school, indignation clouding his face. I taught him the word hypocrite. I made a mental note never to be one or suffer his wrath.

    “Some teachers smile with their mouths, but not their eyes. I don’t trust them!” Fierce little miss exclaimed as I collected her from day care. While driving, I addressed her scowling face in the rear vision mirror. “Two-faced,” I explained. She had an inbuilt truth radar, a reflection of myself.

    I worried about my children making the most of their education. They would have teachers they connected with and inevitably, some they wouldn’t. Their enthusiasm would fluctuate accordingly. I however, was a constant “teacher” and be with them all their lives.
    I would be a hypocrite and two-faced encouraging them with their education, having somewhat squandered mine. To help them be their best, I needed to be a worthy role model. My children see me studying and participating in online classes, they emulate it. I lead by example.

  78. Aaron Hollier


    The single greatest reason for online learning is FREEDOM! Freedom to study how, who and what I want; when I want. Having two toddlers running around the house means studying calculus, integration and other demanding concepts is impossible during daylight hours…and often at night. By studying online, I can achieve learning outcomes within the fractured and disconnected daytime routine that comes with being a father. I am on my way to becoming an engineer, while solving substantially harder problems; how to retrieve a dummy behind an impossibly large chest of draws. My engineering studies has provided no immediate solutions as of yet. The freedom though of working in with life’s commitments means it is possible. It turns out one can actually have it all. Thankyou internet.

  79. Annabelle Lam

    My study buddy

    My dog has many talents. One of these is that she’s a great actor. Her Oscar-worthy performances are entertaining. She plays a very convincing role when she puts on a sad face to get that extra attention. She tells Dad she wants to go for a walk to the lake – eyes wide, tail wagging. Dad puts his shoes on. Only when he returns does he find out that Mum already got up early and went for a walk with the cheeky girl. So the Little Princess enjoys two morning walks sometimes! A bit of drizzle doesn’t discourage her. We don our raincoats and off we go.

    Cutie Pie is really good at playing hide and seek. She found the best hiding place under the deck. Unfortunately though, Dad had to remove some planks so that she could get out. I laugh more because she is in my life and challenges seem easier to face.

    Why would I want to miss out on all this fun?! Studying online would mean that I could be in a wonderful environment, relaxing on the deck in great company. Surely studying would be a lot less stressful with pooch by my side.

  80. Kofi Tawiah Mensah


    There is an unrivaled scope of interactivity that comes with online study which I can attest to. I have encountered course mates from all over the globe right in the comfort of my couch and some have become quite close. It is a thrill to share with others who are charting the same path with you – at least for the duration of the course. Nothing beats the feeling after a well done assignment is submitted in good time. And then you return to find that your work has attracted readership from across the Pacific with insightful follow ups and rich experiences also shared.

    Maybe the feeling of a checkmate could come close to this kind of fulfillment. It almost makes me wonder, “Online learning where have you been all this while?”

  81. Sarah Lambert

    Challenge Yourself

    Coming straight out of high school and immediately beginning online study has been extremely challenging. I have been forced to really dig deep and find the motivation and drive to continue studying, something that I wouldn’t have experienced being on campus. There are no teachers standing in front of me telling me their expectations, which in turn, has forced me to mature quickly from the spoon feeding experienced during high school. I have matured so much in only a couple of months due to the simple fact that I am studying online, learning a lot about my abilities and skills simply by being challenged. I strongly believe online study has focused me and reminded me of my love for learning, an appreciation that would never have happened if I hadn’t been challenged.

  82. Sarah Lambert

    Just Right

    During high school, I knew the exact university that I wanted to go to, as it was only a two-hour drive from home. But then I found out that the course I wanted wasn’t offered at that university. In fact, the only university that offered it was 7 hours away from my home town. Removing this complication from my life and finding the perfect course to study online while staying in my own town has really benefited me financially as well as emotionally. Being a fresh student out of school and rather sheltered coming from such a small town, I was able to stay at home with my family and not move 700km away to further my education, having all the same benefits as those staying on campus. Instead of trying to find a university close to home that offers the exact course you want to study, online have it all, making it he most effective and efficient way of study.