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UNSW Online - Master of Cyber Security

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The Master of Cyber Security from UNSW Online is designed for ambitious professionals who want to become technical experts or leaders. Select from the (a) Management and Leadership specialisation or (b) Security Engineering specialisation within this program to further develop your expertise and diversify your career options.

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Is a Masters in Cyber Security Worth It in Australia?

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Earning a masters degree in cybersecurity is more than worthwhile because of the luractive jobs on offer. A good career in cyber security is available in Australia, with high demand for expertise. With increasing reliance on digital platforms and a notable rise in cyber threats, there's never been a better time to enter the field.

Australia's digital defence market and the consistent rise in cyber attacks show the critical role of cyber security experts. There's no shortage of opportunities, from safeguarding businesses to protecting government infrastructure.

The Master of Cyber Security program at UNSW Online is a gateway to a successful career. UNSW is renowned for its academic excellence, especially in Engineering and Technology. Graduating with a degree from UNSW is a strong signal to employers that you have the right qualities and preparation to perform well.

It should also be considered that the ability to study part-time online reduces the opportunity cost of getting the degree. You won't be required to take time off work and can continue earning a full-time salary. Furthermore, we recommend you start by enrolling the UNSW Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security. This gives you the backup option to leave the program after four subjects with a postgraduate university qualification.