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UTS Online - Graduate Certificate in Technology Management

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The UTS Online Graduate Certificate in Technology Management builds contemporary technology foundations for those with minimal IT experience moving into tech organisations or projects.

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Is a Graduate Certificate a Degree?

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In Australia, a graduate certificate is a postgraduate tertiary qualification that is one-third the length of a master's degree and one-sixth of a bachelor's degree. Although it is a short course, it is highly respected and has the same level of accreditation as a bachelor's honours degree and a graduate diploma.

UTS Online's Graduate Certificate in Technology Management is a four-subject program that can be completed in just eight months of part-time study. This type of course is ideal for working professionals who want to gain specialised knowledge and skills in their field without investing too much time and money in a full master's degree.

A graduate certificate can be a smart, worthwhile investment in one's career. It can lead to job advancement, and graduates can use their new expertise to pursue further education in the field.

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