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UNSW Online - Graduate Certificate in Marketing Analytics

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The flexible UNSW Online Graduate Certificate in Analytics offers a Marketing Analytics specialisation. Students explore topics such as marketing analytics basics, managing customer analytics, and social media and digital analytics. The four-subject course forms part of a Master of Analytics program that you can seamlessly progress to after completing the grad cert. A bachelor degree (any discipline) qualifies you for course admission. Alternative entry pathways exist.

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Is an Online Data Analytics Course Worth It?

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An online data analytics course like the UNSW Online Graduate Certificate in Analytics is highly worthwhile. It opens up job opportunities in digital marketing, equips you with skills that many marketers lack, and generally enhances your earning potential.

By investing in your data analytics education, you'll gain a competitive edge, expand your career prospects, and embark on a fulfilling journey of harnessing the power of data.

Beyond financial benefits, data analytics offers intellectual stimulation and problem-solving satisfaction. With a structured learning environment, expert instructors, and access to professional resources, you can develop an excellent understanding of how to exploit consumer, market and campaign data for commercial value.

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