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Public Relations Courses

Online public relations courses are available to help you build a career in this and other communications fields.

  • By completing a PR course online – at bachelor or masters level – you create a valuable professional skill set.
  • You gain essential technical skills and begin to learn the art of communicating with influence.

Success in public relations depends on making connections and shaping perceptions. After completing an online degree, you can keep developing your craft as a public relations or other communications professional.

PR people are storytellers. They create narratives to advance their agenda. PR can be used to protect, enhance or build reputations through the media, social media, or self-produced communications.

~ Robert Wynne

Top Bachelor Degrees in PR

The best online bachelor degrees in public relations prepare you for a fast-paced digital environment.

  • You learn how to shape perceptions through social and traditional media.
  • Writing courses teach you how to adjust your style to match the audience and communication channel.
  • Your learn strategies for cost-effective advertising, marketing and promotions.

As a PR professional, you often have to switch tasks according to what your employer or client requires. You need a strong, broad skill set. The best degrees give you foundation skills for tackling almost anything.

Public relations multi-media.

USQ Bachelor of Communication and Media

You can access a broad study program in public relations at the University of Southern Queensland. Public Relations is available as a major in arts and communications degrees. Start dates are: Semester 1 (February), Semester 2 (July) and Semester 3 (November). Subjects include social media engagement, writing for public relations, community consultation and development, issues and crisis management, campaign development, and public service communication.

Online PR Masters Programs

The best online masters degrees in public relations allow you to advanced studies in areas of professional interest. You can choose specialised topics in public relations and also study complementary fields such as business finance.

The usual requirement for entry into a masters program is a bachelor degree, preferably in a relevant arts or business discipline.

An online Masters in Public Relations is ideal for adding some polish and breadth to your skill set. You can take a breather from your usual work routine for some invaluable, structured thinking about PR.

CSU MComn(Organisational)

You can major in Organisational Communication in Charles Sturt University’s Master of Communication online course. Students explore internal communication management; corporate culture and change; organisational reputation; and communicating during a crisis. The focus is on communication strategy and leadership.