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International Relations Degree Online in Australia

Explore global dynamics with an online international relations degree from Australia. A good program will develop your ability to analyse, communicate and understand world issues.

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A major in international relations is available through different degree programs, including general arts and international studies. Australian distance education universities provide 100% online degrees in this field of study.

Completing relevant subjects enables you to qualify for an international relations major. Through online studies, you'll acquire skills in analysis, evaluation, and communication. You'll also develop an appreciation for global economic and cultural influences.

University programs provide insights into conflict and cooperation, as well as the dynamics of war and peace in international politics. You can explore topics such as power and security, globalisation and governance, human rights and justice, the politics of the Asian region, and Australia's role in the world.

International Relations Careers

An international relations degree gives you foundation skills for many possible career paths.

  • A bachelor degree is a general qualification that steers you towards internationally-orientated jobs.
  • Postgraduate degrees are more specific and may be used by established professionals to develop certain skills.

Graduates work in fields that include international business, foreign relations, overseas development, the travel industry, communications and journalism.

Prospective employers are consultancies, government agencies, international organisations, large corporations, financial service providers, universities, and media companies.

Online Bachelor Degrees

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An online Bachelor of Arts (International Relations) is a study program for generalists.

  • The field develops skills in research, critical analysis and communication.
  • A degree is advantageous for jobs in organisations with international outlooks.

International relations can be effectively combined with the study of other disciplines (preferably in an international context), including business, economics and law.

Deakin University - Bachelor of International Studies

Deakin University has a strong international studies program and International Relations is one of many possible majors. All students of the Bachelor of International Studies program must gain some international experience. Possible ways to do this include: (i) study at an overseas university; (ii) an internship at an international organisation; or (iii) an in-country language program.

USQ Bachelor of Arts (International Relations)

You can major in International Relations as part of the online Bachelor of Arts program at the University of Southern Queensland. Students cultivate a broad perspective on global issues and how these impact on Australia and our international relations. Subjects include history, international relations, languages, cultural studies and politics. You may gain an edge in this competitive field by combining the major with business or legal studies. Students also have the option of spending a semester studying abroad.

Online Masters Programs

International relations masters program

Postgraduate students in international relations or international studies have often started a career in the field and are looking to deepen their knowledge. A masters degree can also be used to change careers.

Postgraduate courses give you the opportunity to study international relations with the benefit of having a greater sense of where your interests are. If you are already working the field, you can choose units to match your job requirements.

Studying online allows you to easily combine work with part-time study. You can also choose from universities across the country.

  • A full masters course is up to 2 years of full-time study.
  • Shorter options exist, especially for students with professional experience and/or a relevant honours degree.

Deakin Master of Arts

Deakin University offers an International Relations specialisation in its 2-year Master of Arts program. Students build skills in policy analysis and conceptualising threats to peace and security. They also learn about global forces shaping political, social and economic life. Electives can be take in complementary subjects such as global media. Graduate certificate and graduate diploma qualifications are available.

† Online courses are available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Gold Coast, Newcastle. Australia-wide.