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Online Religious Studies Degrees in Australia

Explore the expression of religion in society with a religious studies degree. Study online and develop skills for careers in teaching, counselling, social work, pastoral care, and more.

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In religious studies programs, students gain insights into individual and group behaviour. Through the careful analysis and interpretation of texts, you'll cultivate an open-minded approach to people and their diverse perspectives.

The literary nature of the religious studies field lends itself well to distance learning. An online degree allows for flexibility and convenience while you hone critical thinking, writing, and research skills. Graduates are prepared for diverse careers, not limited to those in the realm of religion or faith.

What is Religious Studies?

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Religious Studies explores the expression of religion in human culture. As a student, you explore ideas about the divine and the ways religious concepts are expressed in texts, rituals and belief systems. You also examine religious history and figures.

Objective, critical analysis is essential. Religious Studies is not limited to a single tradition or religion; it encompasses all religions from all cultures and all times. In contrasts with Theology, which may be subjective and is denominational.

Religious Studies is relevant to many other academic fields, including history, literature, philosophy, anthropology, sociology, psychology, politics, gender studies and the arts.

Studying religion is a pathway to many postgraduate courses, including education, business and law. Graduates also enter the workforce as teachers, editors, administrators, writers, counsellors, researchers and ministers.

Bachelor Degree Courses

UNE - Bachelor of Arts (Studies in Religion)

The University of New England offers a Studies in Religion major as part of its Bachelor of Arts degree. The online course focuses on the study and comparison of the five great world religions: Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam. It looks at the diversity of religious experience and expression across all civilisations, ancient and modern, and all racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Online Religion Masters

Postgraduate courses in Religious Studies are popular with students interested in entering the clergy or teaching religion. The advanced study of religion allows you to explore religious topics in greater depth and/or to pursue a particular specialisation.

Few careers require a Masters or PhD in religious studies for getting ahead. The qualifications may be important for teachers and academic scholars. Otherwise, advanced degrees are generally optional.

Students who successfully complete postgraduate degrees in religious studies usually have a passion for the topic. They want to learn as much as possible. They may be on a path towards teaching religion or pursuing a vocation related to ministry and pastoral care.

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ACU Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies

The Australian Catholic University offers a 4-unit Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies online. Students gain skills in interpreting the Bible and understanding and explaining Christian doctrines and practices. The online course is a pathway to (and gives credit towards) ACU's Master of Theological Studies. After gaining the Graduate Certificate, the masters program can be completed online or through multi-mode study in Adelaide, Ballarat, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne or Sydney. Masters graduates may be able to gain 4-year trained teacher status (requirements vary by state).

UNE MA(Studies in Religion)

The University of New England’s Master of Arts degree can be completed with a major in Studies in Religion. Units offered are generally advanced versions of units that go towards a bachelor degree. The course may be good for students who want to teach religion at a secondary level, noting that Religious Studies is one of the most popular HSC subjects.

† Online courses are available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Gold Coast, Newcastle. Australia-wide.