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Online Mathematics and Statistics Degrees from Australian Universities

Mathematics and statistics online.

Why study mathematics and statistics online? In short, because online learning in this field is convenient and effective.

  • University degrees with a major or minor in maths or statistics are available fully online.
  • You can gain a valuable qualification and develop your math skills from the comfort of your home or office.

Maths is a core subject for getting degrees in numerous fields, including science, computer science, data science, business, education and engineering. By enrolling in an online course, you can build valuable skills and open up career opportunities.

Bachelor of Mathematics Degrees Online

Bachelor of Mathematics online student

CSU Bachelor of Science (Mathematics)

Charles Sturt University has a general science course in which students can major in Mathematics. Your online study of maths can be combined with several other science disciplines, including: analytical chemistry, conservation biology, microbiology and immunology, physics, plant science and spatial science. CSU also offers maths units in information technology and education programs.

UNE maths and statistics units

The University of New England offers numerous online maths and statistics units that can be used as credit towards degrees. They are available across all 3 years of a typical bachelor course, with around 5 units available each year (which is more than half the annual study load). Fields to which they apply include arts, computer science, education and teaching, and science. Topics covered include algebra, calculus, discrete maths and statistics.

USQ science degrees

The University of Southern Queensland offers 2 maths majors as part of its online Bachelor of Science degree. The Mathematics major covers algebra and calculus, high performance numerical computing, and foundation mathematics. The Mathematics and Statistics major examines theoretical and applied statistics, mathematical modelling, and operations research. There is an emphasis on practical methods for analysis, modelling and decision making.