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AI Management Courses in Australia

Elevate your career as a tech manager and leader with a postgraduate AI Management course. Gain expertise in AI strategy and implementation. No advanced coding required.

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Welcome to the world of AI Management, where tech-savvy professionals make strategic decisions in the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence. Postgraduate courses are available online to give you a head start.

Discover how AI Management degrees and courses can elevate your career, providing you with expertise in implementing AI solutions. Whether you aspire to be a successful AI project manager, data analyst, tech manager, or AI consultant, Australian universities offer valuable training online.

What Is Management in AI?

Management in artificial intelligence is about guiding the deployment of AI to benefit a company. It involves overseeing the tasks required to implement, use, and maintain artificial intelligence technologies in an organisation.

The role of a manager in AI is to identify potential applications of AI, evaluate risks and benefits, align AI initiatives with business objectives, ensure data quality and privacy, monitor performance, and promote collaboration between technical and non-technical teams.

AI is important in business management as it enables data-driven decision-making, automation of repetitive tasks, improved efficiency, and enhanced customer experiences. AI tools can also produces valuable insights for strategic planning and competitive advantage.

Artificial Intelligence Management Courses

An AI management course offers an ideal opportunity to learn AI deployment without advanced coding. Gain crucial technical knowledge in data handling, machine learning, and AI, while also discovering how to identify and leverage AI opportunities in a business context.

Graduate Certificate in AI Management

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The shortest university-accredited AI management course in Australia is a Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence Management, taking 8 months of part-time study. It is suitable for professionals in technical and non-technical teams with at least a basic grasp of contemporary technologies. Graduates can continue their studies towards a master's degree.

UTS Online - Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence Management

The UTS Online Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence Management is for tech-driven individuals who want to develop their knowledge in artificial intelligence, and data and process management. Students build on existing technical knowledge by learning how to develop and lead AI solutions to solve complex problems in organisations. You’ll learn the foundations of AI management, including the application of multi-dimensional visualisation techniques, machine learning methods and state-of-the-art algorithms, while applying knowledge of data ethics and regulation to achieve artificial intelligence solutions. The course is delivered part-time and 100% online by UTS, ranked 10th globally for artificial intelligence research (AI Research Index Issue Report, 2020).

Master's Degree in Managing Technology

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You can learn to manage technology projects successfully, including those focused on using AI, with a Master of Technology Management degree. Flexible programs allow you to choose electives to meet your learning goals. Artificial Intelligence may be a designated specialisation, or you can customise your program to focus on this field.

UTS Online - Master of Technology Management

The UTS Online Master of Technology Management is for forward-looking professionals. Build analytical, strategic and leadership skills to manage technology-orientated activities. In the Artificial Intelligence specialisation, you study data visualisation and visual analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence for enterprises, and data ethics and regulation. What you study in the rest of the technology program is up to you, with a wide range of electives available in fields such as digital strategy, cybersecurity management, and leading organisational change. The 100% online course can be completed while you work full-time.

UTS Online - Executive Master of Technology Management

The UTS Online Executive Master of Technology Management is for experienced professionals interested in gaining new knowledge and skills. The course provides an accelerated pathway if you have a technical degree and relevant work history. Gain an executive masters by doing 8 subjects, compared to the normal 12 for an Australian master's degree. A large number of technology management subjects are available as electives, including in artificial intelligence and machine learning. The program allows you to work full-time while developing technology management skills.

What You'll Study (Course Structure)

In an AI course, you can expect to study machine learning (ML) and, in particular, the algorithms that can be used to generate artificial intelligence. Important related subjects are data analytics, data visualisation, and practical ML applications. Here are subject outlines for UTS Online courses.

Learning Outcomes

After completing an artificial intelligence course, you should feel comfortable in using multiple machine learning (ML) methods. You should also have a solid grasp of when and how AI solutions can be used to generate business value. Common learning outcomes include being able to do the following.

  • Identify and contrast the technologies used to achieve AI solutions.
  • Explain the scope, limitations and application of several ML methods.
  • Apply ML methods.
  • Use data visualisation to illustrate and navigate large information spaces.

Important Artificial Intelligence Concepts

Many useful artificial intelligence courses don't have "AI" or "artificial intelligence" in the title. That's because AI is related to data science, machine learning, natural language processing and other concepts. To navigate your way around the options to learn artificial intelligence, here's a quick explanation of terms.

Career Opportunities

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Completing an AI course online could easily set your career off into a different and exciting direction. Artificial intelligence is here to stay and job opportunities are growing.

Job titles for professionals with AI skills include data scientist, senior data scientist, data scientist (A.I.), machine learning engineer, machine learning head, artificial intelligence (AI) lead, artificial intelligence engineer, senior software developer, and R&D algorithms engineer. AI professionals often have a computer science bachelor degree (or similar) as well as holding postgraduate qualifications and/or other advanced training.

Knowing how AI works, along with potential uses and limitations, can also be beneficial in numerous careers beyond the development roles mentioned. Knowing AI will help you make better use of artificial intelligence technology and be a fast adopter. In healthcare, information technology, entertainment, communications, digital marketing, social media and many other industries, AI insight promises future career advantages. The kinds of jobs available include AI project manager, data analyst, tech manager, and AI consultant

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements for graduate certificates, graduate diplomas and masters in AI reflect that these are postgraduate courses of a technical nature. Admission requirements are, in general, that you have a relevant degree and professional experience.

Entry into graduate certificate courses may be more relaxed. At UTS Online, you need an IT-related bachelor degree (or higher qualification) AND a year of experience in a role related to the course.


† Online courses are available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Gold Coast, Newcastle. Australia-wide.