Focus on Future Career Goals for Online Study Motivation

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Imagining future career possibilities.

An important way to stay motivated when your are studying online is to keep in mind you future career goal. Here are essays from online students explaining the career motivation behind their studies. These are the best entries from an essay competition.

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  1. Kofi Tawiah Mensah

    Connected for life

    We sometimes overlook the productive connections that online learning has to offer us. Well, I just can’t do it – I choose to be part of my “Team Global”. Taking the viewpoint that our multinational bonds are the fibres that would shape the future of our planet, is a good place to start.

    Learning Public Health online has linked me up with many outstanding personalities having similar interests to mine. As far as I am concerned, Public Health is everybody’s business, starting with me. And then munching over this thought to myself, I discover there is a lot we can do as professionals in all our little hideouts around the world if we should stay linked up beyond this program. We can share practical ideas that influence similar policies, conduct multi-center research and even begin to take serious, Public Health matters of future moon settlers. Oh yeah, and not forgetting the occasional but very important get-togethers on the side of conferences.

    I have had this dream. And my simple message to “Team Global” is this: you are all so important to its realization that you hardly have a choice not to be part. So let’s do this!

  2. Parkston C Myers

    Passion to Learn

    In the summer of my ninth grade year, I bought a Rubik’s cube. I could not comprehend how to solve it, but I was determined to learn. Day after day I sat and used a website to practice turning the cube’s sides to complete algorithms. I tried using it less and less and a week later: I solved the cube without looking at all. It was a big goal that I set and accomplished. It gave me the passion to continue learning new skills, and online courses were my ticket.

    I started off with YouTube tutorials, but worked my way towards paid courses when I got serious about a skill that I wanted to learn. I’ve used these amazing resources to enhance my skills in programs like After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Blender, and Unity. This year I went even farther and started taking online classes at a local community college. The courses teach the coding language Python. I want to become a video game programmer and learning code will be a vital part of that career. I am fortunate to have online courses as they let my learn in my way.

  3. Alicja

    Alice in Everland

    If my grandfather Puran could have a look on my life, he wouldn’t believe his eyes: I have the key of thousands of invisible doors, in a second, a click can bring my mind everywhere I want, in every time I wish: Everland is a kingdom without boundaries.

    In the rural village my grandparents passed most of their life working on the fields and milking buffaloes under the burning sun, who could imagine one day their nephew would watch their country looking out a virtual window from the other side of the World?

    When I was a child, I only dreamed of a software like Everland, the fruit of the marriage between virtual and real World, but I believed one day my wishes would come true. In my fairy-tale hard working plays the rule of a magic wand, while online study of a magic carpet, which has enabled me to become a creative digital manager.

    Fairy-tales don’t necessary end with a loser and a winner: sometimes a good compromise can save both the sides: in Everland space and time are virtual, while people real, and studying online has been the first step to find this key factor.

  4. J. Noelle Moorehead

    If You Can Only Imagine…

    If you can only imagine dreaming about a successful career at fourteen years old, simply to give up after your own body betrays you. Imagine becoming diagnosed with Type-One Diabetes at the start of high school and being told there’s no cure and that you will never be as healthy as other people. You are instantly forced to reevaluate your future.

    Imagine spending four years fighting your body and health, thinking you could force your health into submission — being led to the belief that you would never succeed in the work field. Until one day, you sit down with your past sophomore English teacher for lunch. You speak about the subject you had learned to love from her. You speak of the opportunities her career choice had opened up for her: public and private teaching as well as tutoring both in person and online. As she talks, your eyes open to a world you had never considered; you could teach about a subject you love while having the choice to work from home if your health was poor.

    Online college gives me the platform to learn while respecting my health. This is why it is the perfect type of education for me.

  5. Chayne Cooper

    Next Spielberg?

    From makeshift film sets in my dirty bedroom to renting out spaces in New York City with a camera that costs more than my life, I would never expect myself to have get this far 10 years ago. As a young filmmaker going to NYU, I only see my career becoming more exciting 10 years down the line. While I’m not in a traditional classroom, I am always studying ways to make my craft stronger and more interesting through the internet. Online learning and film-making go hand-in-hand seeing as they’re both unconventional, but produce stellar results. You can learn so much by taking a masterclass online or simply just reading articles about new techniques. Without these tools, getting on track to be a better artist would be more difficult when there always isn’t someone there to guide you. With online learning, I see my journey becoming a lot easier. However, making a film is never an easy job, especially as a director. As I progress, I hope to create a movie that will move millions and transgress the blockade of superhero flicks and tired remakes.

  6. Alyse Burns

    Dreams can become reality

    Imagine this, you’re a second year registered nurse working in heart procedures, cancer treatment and high dependency care. Your manager approaches you and exclaims that there is an acute nursing certificate that would be beneficial for you and is 100% online, so you can study and work at the same time. “Heck yes,” you think. “I won’t have to attend classes, I can work within the online community and perhaps afterwards I will get a pay rise, easy!”

    Now, keep imagining but add in 10-11 shifts a fortnight, plus overtime of 2-4 hours on most days. I can tell you, it is NOT easy. I was hell bent on completing this certificate, enhancing my learning, nailing the “easy” online content, earning decent money and being happy. Well I began to realise that nothing comes easy.

    Many demanding months later, imagine you are a second year registered nurse, with an acute nursing certificate that you achieved yourself, with hard work, online support and you think to yourself, “Was this worth it?” Well the answer for me was YES.

    I love my field of work and online study has allowed me to build on my passion and better myself as my career unfolds.

  7. Courtney Upton

    The Ambitious Woman

    Her childhood had felt like a cruel twist of fate, her parents were constantly fighting about money and at times she feared for their lives, and hers. At age 8, she dreamed of a life full of health, financial security and happiness. One where she didn’t have to live in fear of the next time she would come home from school to a verbal or physical fight about money.

    She saw the mistakes her parents had made and vowed never to repeat them. The heartache and trauma she had suffered would be the foundation of the ambition, drive and passion she had towards achieving success in her life. She went on to graduate university at 18 and at 22, she started her career in Financial Planning.

    Over the next 5 years, she will go onto complete her Graduate Diploma and Masters of Professional Accounting online whilst working full time. Studying online allows her to achieve all of her goals, dreams and ambitions without sacrificing her financial independence. She wants to educate people on how to manage their way to financial freedom and to help break the cycle of financial illiteracy in Australia.

    She is an ambitious woman.

  8. Melanie P

    Creativity Doesn’t Wait

    Creativity doesn’t wait. That fact was at the core of my decision to pursue my master’s degree online. I am, often unfortunately, at the mercy of the ebb and flow of creativity that just doesn’t bend to the will of structured face-to-face education.

    I used to drag myself onto campus, and sit, uninspired, in lecture theatres and classrooms, wondering why I couldn’t propel my mind to create the flurries of words that I was capable of at home. It was guilt and a sense of duty that drove me to complete that degree, not passion.

    When it came time to pursue postgraduate study, I made the decision to undertake it online. Now, not only have I been able to intern and volunteer for causes that are important to me, but I can work when creativity strikes. Now, as I get up at 6am to sit at my desk and start the days work, or stay up until midnight frantically jotting down ideas that just came to mind, I know that it’s not because I feel obligated to, but because it’s what I really want for my future.

    Creativity doesn’t wait. And it shouldn’t have to.

  9. James Kornhaber


    Hello Internet, I’m an 18-year-old boy looking at this world of ours and wondered, what should I be doing with my life? I didn’t want to become the next T.S Eliot’s Hollowman, wandering arid landscapes of monotony and conformity. So what was I supposed to do? A few duckduckgo searches later another option became clear. Just like when Rachel first opened the cupboard to Narina, the infinite landscape called ‘potential’ became visible. It was, of course, Online courses. They provide an alternative route that isn’t offered at the local Kwik-Mart. It ultimately provides flexibility, uniqueness and opportunity. I can still travel the world in a most cliche fashion and do studies at the same time. I can experience the enlightenment which comes with the exploration of different realities. The spices that infiltrate your noise in the markets of India, the essence of youth and freedom that seeps into one’s soul in the Brazilian Carnival. I can learn the financial, technological and charismatic skills needed to start my very own Business! Amazing! Today is a good day to be alive; restriction is a thing of the past. When there are such things like online education, you become… Limitless.

  10. Mitchell Cowan

    Travelling Virtually and Really

    From mountains to the desert—opportunity awaits. It is quite spectacular how opportunities present themselves with the technological advancements and communication capabilities at our disposal today, including online study. I have just completed an undergraduate degree which took me from my south-east inland Australian home to the other side of the world—Bhutan to be exact, exploring the impacts of wildlife conflict on farmers and local people. Tigers, leopards, and porcupines were some species affecting the livelihoods of local people through the predation of stock and destruction of crops.

    Most recently, my studies have taken me to the remote landscapes of the Pilbara in Western Australia studying a native marsupial predator and artificial refuges created to combat the loss of critical habitat. Now, finished undergraduate studies I seek to pursue opportunities to study further and continue my research in these remote areas. This would likely mean moving or travelling and continuing communication with my university using online study platforms.

    Already, the use of online study has allowed me to explore parts of the world I may otherwise never see, and I feel that it will play a major part in shaping my career and future life experiences.

  11. Sarah Poulsen

    Online Learner to Qualified Teacher

    I’m growing into my own. I’m living two lives that soon will be become on. From 8-4 I am able to work in and around the field I love, managing a school, exploring how all the pieces fit together, getting to know students as a supporter and a friend. I mail their letters, place their bandaids, and call parents all day long.

    Then at night I pack a bag full of books and burst into homes, teaching all the wonderful students I find within. I tutor, teaching my students to read, write, add, question and explore. I get to see how each mind works differently, and how exciting the variety of learning is. They spark my curiosity.

    And when the day’s work is done, the online world opens up to me, explaining every behaviour I’ve witnessed that day, teaching me how to better support the learners around me. My own teachers shine as an example, guiding me, caring for me, helping me balance all the roles that I take on.

    In a few years from now, I’ll be back to the beginning, as a supporter, a friend, and finally a teacher. Welcomed warmly, because I’ve been there before.

  12. Caleb Perreard

    The Chaotic Effect of Academics and the Flap of a Butterfly’s Wing

    It is difficult to decide in what way any event will shape the future; it is the basis of the well-known butterfly effect. But while this assures that I couldn’t even begin to grasp what my future may be, one thing is certain: I must never forget the gravity of my education.

    While being well-rounded is undoubtedly desirable, what is most desirable is the benefit of the effect of academics on life. Our learning shapes our reality. Walking across graduation stages across the world is a new generation of learners; learners that understand that our education is a lens through which we look. Our education changes our reality as it presents itself to us.

    What is most important is this: Studies shape our lives, not just our careers. And while it is impossible to determine what effect they may have, it can be assured that it will shatter the shackles of the world-view we once held. Whatever change my studies may bring, I can say one thing about them: they will be dramatic, and nothing excites me more than finding in what way they will choose to shape my life.

  13. Deborishi Ganguly

    Prometheus’ gift to man

    Many millennia ago, a Titan named Prometheus was said to have stolen fire to benefit man, at great cost. Asking why, I looked at mankind for the answer. Secondly, men have always scoured our physical sphere for a metaphysical question; why are we here? This innate matter has always haunted me.

    Ever since the days of Deep Blue defeating Kasparov, I knew I had fallen in love with the concept of creating something far superior than us. Multiple technological paradigms, such as Artificial Intelligence and Quantum computing, promise to propel us towards a future where our visionary creations would help us understand our origins and purpose.

    The love of technology has pushed me towards learning the intricacies of computer science and since we are at the cusp of a new industrial revolution, I like to be part of the vanguard. We have better ideas regularly disrupt the status quo at lightening speeds. For instance, blockchain is knocking at the way commerce, governance and healthcare among many are conducted.

    Let me end by postulating that Prometheus simply wanted to see what we do with the fire called imagination. Let’s ascend to the zenith that we were meant to.

  14. Ariana Lee

    Happier Than Yesterday

    Very rarely have I ever been excited to go to school. I would wake up dreading going to school, sitting in a chair all day staring at the board, only to go home dreading hours of staring at reading passages and math problems to prepare for the next day. After too many years of this seemingly endless cycle, I became numb and disinterested in school and life in general.

    After reevaluating what I want for my life, I decided pursuing an education where my classes were online so that I can make my own schedule and figure out what I want to do career-wise. Taking online classes has helped me realize how much I like computers and now I want to pursue a degree in computer science. Now, I am happier than I ever was and my future feels bright.

  15. Majdal Shahin

    Out of control

    In many cases, teenagers choosing a college degree while having no clue of what they want out of life is much like gamblers risking all they have on a pair of dice.

    As teenagers, we try to use what little experience we have to formulate an opinion of what we think we want to be when we grow up…and we throw the dice. We might get lucky or not, but what we don’t appreciate at the time is that we have the freedom to choose and persue. This freedom which slowly disappears as one gets older and has more commitments.

    Ironically, in most cases getting older and gaining life experience is just what people need to develope this clear image of what they want to do with their lives and what career path to persue, but perusing it from within the prison walls of commitments is not always possible. This is where online learning can be the freedom required to change a person’s life. It forms a bridge between the life path a person finds himself unable to divert from, and his/her goals and dreams.

  16. Benu P Dahal

    Closer in the Head and Heart, Education for All

    From the backyard paddies, frog songs would erupt every night in the monsoon. As a boy, I loved these nocturnal vocalists. That love has remained with me. But a few years ago, road construction started to disturb the habitats of these amiable creatures, and I was a hopelessly watch them walk downhill to the disappearance.

    Somebody would have to do something, I knew. But who would do anything for frogs in a poor agrarian community lost deep in a tropical forest somewhere in the foothills of the Himalayas?

    I wanted to study the impact. Unfortunately, I had no idea about the ecology of these species. I was determined nonetheless — those were my childhood friends.

    I learned about the amazing learning site called Coursera. I applied for financial aid in one of the programs on conservation science. I had the opportunity to get an online crash course.

    What came out of it? Everything I would care for! I not only studied the impact — I am still studying — but I also became the first Bhutanese volunteer to get a membership in the US-based conservation charity SAVE THE FROGS!

    Such is the power of online education. It has a global impact.

  17. Juan Rodriguez

    Making a Wish

    Looking back into the past ten years from now, I would have never thought I’d be in the spot that I am in today. So, where I see myself in 10 years time in the future is a blur. My story is still being written and I’m the one holding the pen. I could make guesses on where I’ll be and what I’ll do but my mind could change at any sudden moment.

    Online studying has relied fully on me to be accomplish. It gives you more freedom, yes, but it also puts a lot of pressure on you as well. Only because it’s now you doing it all by yourself. Of course there’s family and friends that can provide encouragement but not everyone has that.

    Since I’m a journalist student, I believe my possibilities are endless. I could work for Fox News or CNN publishing articles online. I could start my own radio company and have it all be accessible on my own website. There’s many doors to open and a future to see. My wish is that I choose the right one.

  18. Danielle Marsh

    Escape to the outside

    It is four in the morning and I have been up all night with a crying baby, who has only just fallen asleep. I am too tired to sleep and to restless to watch TV, so I log onto my online study and read this week’s notes before hearing the neighbours stir. I pray silently that they decide to take the bus and not start up their new Mustang and wake the baby. Mother Earth’s email must have been full as the car roars to life waking up the sleeping angel. It seems only constant movement is her source of comfort so I listen to a lecture while I pace back and forth. It has been days since I have washed and a week since I have left the house but my online learning is my escape, my adult interaction and light at the end of the tunnel. Whilst my learning makes no difference now I hope that once I finish my daughter will be proud of her mum. I imagine dropping her at school, then continuing to my new job all because I got my qualifications online.

  19. Christelle Cloete

    Education and Agoraphobia

    My world has shrunk to the size of my apartment. I haven’t left my house in over two years. I suffer from Agoraphobia. Still, I have this overwhelming desire to study, to get my degree, to become an anthropologist. People, cultures, religion – they all fascinate me. Why do people act the way they do? Why are they living the way they do? I want to know about their rituals and beliefs. I want to tell the world about vanishing cultures and how we can save them. Through anthropology, we perhaps have a chance of making a better world for all of us to live in.

    You are likely to ask me how am I planning on doing that when I confined to my apartment. That is a very good question, one I currently and very honestly do not have an answer for. However, I am adamant in pursuing this path and I will find a way to escape my prison. My longing for a degree in Anthropology is not a new one, I am in my forties now, but this desire has been inside of me from a very young age. I will succeed!

  20. Alexa F.

    Heart over mind.

    Honestly, despite having 17 years on my back I still don’t know what career I truly want to pursue. As a child, I thought about being a singer or an actor. Of course, I never admitted that to anyone – it was too ambitious, too big for a regular person like me. So I complied. I listened to my parents and friends and elders, who all told me that I should study medicine or engineering. Who all told me that I needed to do [insert prestigious job occupation here] in order to “be happy” or “to succeed”.

    For 17 years, I silenced the voice of my heart and regretably let the thrumming of my mind rule my decisions. My desire to please prevented me from following my longing to dance and sing and do whatever else my heart wanted.

    But now, as I’m heading into my 18th year in this lifetime, I want to finally take control.

    The thought of being able to completely manage my school schedule and working environment more easily brings a smile to my face. And as someone who struggles with anxiety; this. is. a. dream.

  21. Nina

    In the comfort of my own living room, pyjamas, and slippers.

    This morning I had to submit a draft for a screenplay for a course I’m doing as one of my university degrees. And this afternoon I had to submit an essay on the wonders of aqua-fisheries for another degree. I am also very interested in climate change so soon I’ll be starting a climate change course on MIT’s OpenCourseWares.

    Online course have become the backbone of education. It allows teachers in remote places, with limited funding to open the world to their students. Who knows, the next cure for cancer could be locked away in the mind of a student who gets taught through online classrooms.

    And if you don’t take advantage of that, to teach or learn then you are wasting an incredible opportunity. Yes the earth will still spin and the bees still buzz, but, although unknowingly, you’ll be a bit worse off.

    Anyway, enough philosophising, that’s ancient Greek for “love of wisdom”, (I learnt that in an online course). My kelpie has just butted her head against my hand. Time to put some real clothes on and go into the outside world. For now.

  22. Raoul Scott

    The Innovation Of Online Studying

    As a current high school senior with a goal to become an FBI agent, the opportunities that online studying provides me are not only wanted but needed. By going online to study I can simultaneously cover the course material I need to know and diversify my study tactics. The materials I am provided with while in the classroom do not always offer a good understanding of what the essential information is or why it is important.

    Studying online affords me the ability to pull knowledge from various resources and look at certain information in a new light. Consequently, online studying forces me to be more accountable for how I find and interpret new information. At school I rely on the teachers to provide me with studying material. I have to take on more responsibility to find accurate sources of information rather than rely on someone else to give it to me.

    By being prepared early and being exposed to online studies, I will be able to make myself an attractive candidate for future employment in law enforcement or other positions including college life, that require outside the box thinking and having the capability to harness information from a variety of sources in a non-conventional way and produce beneficial results.

  23. Geethika Surendran

    The Blessings of Online Study

    Right now, I’m on my laptop typing furiously. My rabbit Mrs. Fluffy is beside me, hopping around like mad. The online course I’m doing has been amazing so far. But honestly, I have no idea how my course will affect my future since I can’t really predict it.

    My cat Cinnamon chooses to walk in to my room at this moment. My bunny grunts at him and he runs, fluffy tail tucked beneath his legs. Anyway, I digress. Studying online has the great benefit of convenience. No more 2 hour commutes to college and waking up at the crack of dawn to catch the public bus. I can access the course whenever I want and study at my own pace. Also, as a sufferer of anxiety, studying online is a breath of fresh air.

    I’ve wanted to be a writer ever since I was a little girl and now because of this course I can receive education from the UK all the way from India. I definitely believe that this course will help me achieve my dream of being a novelist or journalist.

  24. Adil Sheikh

    The Future of Online Privacy

    When I’m at the office working to secure the networks of the company I’m working for, I see myself looking up the latest trends to the cybersecurity field. It is vital to know the latests trends of cybersecurity, or else your network might get hacked by it. As a cybersecurity engineer, your job will also embody studying online because not only for the reason stated above but also for the many resources online about cybersecurity.

    Picture a high school student that interned for a high-end company for ethical hacking and hacked into a bunch of computers on his first day using the knowledge he gained from amateur YouTube videos. That kid was me. Since then I found an amazing website that a ton of content about cybersecurity which will aid me well in my path to be a cybersecurity engineer.

  25. Phoebe Carson

    Against All Odds

    As a young girl with big dreams, I knew I wanted to attend a reputable university and eventually earn a doctorate in psychology. However, regardless of my high expectations, I struggled to sit still in a classroom without my mind wandering. My sophomore year of high school, I was diagnosed with a generalized anxiety disorder. This instilled a restlessness in me that accompanied a constant stream of thoughts about what I had to get done, making it extremely difficult to learn in a classroom environment.

    Fortunately, in my junior year of high school, I was given the opportunity to take college courses online. This seemed like a dream. I could get up and move whenever I needed to while also receiving college credit; killing two birds with one stone. For the last two years, I have been studying psychology online and it has been one of the best decisions I have made. This fall, I hope to continue my studies online as a freshman in college, going on to earn a long-awaited doctorate. In ten years, I see myself in a lecture hall of a reputable institution teaching psychology, inspiring other young students just like me.

  26. Grace Thygeson

    Returning to My Home

    Online study has opened the doors for students to study anything they are interested in. When I was 9, my family and I moved to Tokyo, Japan. I was fascinated by the food, architecture and culture. The people were wonderful and very hard working. My dream is to one day return to my old home to work. Through online study, this dream could easily become a reality.

    The possibilities are endless when it comes to the internet. It is easy to find information on any topic. In my case, everything from living in Tokyo to Japanese Business can be found with a click of a button. I can study the Japanese financial market while sitting in my classroom on the other side of the world. The expansive knowledge opens my education to possibilities that can not be taught in the classroom. With the new technology, I can stay more connected to my dream then ever before!

  27. Holly Cameron

    Remote location, strong connection

    Australia’s boundless plains foster rich online networks in the face of isolation. While completing a speech pathology placement in Katherine, Northern Territory, the value of local and online community knowledge has become unmistakably clear. When seeking information here, you are met with a wave of generosity and opportunities for mutual learning.

    Studying through Flinders University has meant that I have the flexibility to work while studying, as so much can be completed online. It has also meant that I can easily share resources with others: such as discussing research on the effects of language in the criminal justice system with my sister in Victoria.

    In regional NT, electricity and other services can be interrupted up to 52% of the time. However, Katherine residents can access free internet in their library, schools, cafes and the information centre. To meet the high demand for allied health services, and despite a lack of physical resources, online study has enabled me to develop skills to benefit the community in a culturally responsive way. I plan to build on these further by exploring other avenues of professional development, some on-site, though predominantly online.

  28. Ebony B

    Independence – a work in progress

    As a student who is ever devoted to studying psychology and legal studies, it is hard to imagine doing anything else at uni. Helping others is the career path that I am looking down but that’s not all I want to be. I want to be the boss. My own boss. I want to help other people as much as I can whilst not having to worry about meeting a quota or traveling for two different jobs. I want to combine my interests, whilst being in charge of my future.

    Online study will propel my independence and allow me to work at my own pace – for school and for life outside of school. I have already experienced online study at my college and it gave me the independence and freedom that I cherish. Completing the rest of my studies online can only help me further.

  29. Jared Johnson

    The Infinite Possibilities of Biomimicry

    Nature, to put it simply, is amazing. There is no other system that we know of that uses 100% of what it uses, while not generating any useless by-product. Nature is complex, intricate, and beautiful. Over time, it has been able to survive mass extinctions, extreme and catastrophic events, and is constantly modifying itself to be as efficient as it can possibly be. So it begs the question: why are we not designing human systems after what we observe in nature? Well, actually some designers, engineers, businesses, and architects are copying nature and its processes into what they design, a process called biomimicry.

    Biomimicry is responsible for some of the most creative and life change inventions. For example, bullet trains, velcro, and tape are all results biomimicry. There have been other recent designs too that showcase the potential of this type of design such as office building that cools themselves, devices that make water in the desert, and hive mind electrical grid systems. Through online learning and classes, I wouldn’t have discovered my passion for this natural design, and I wouldn’t have pursued environmental studies in order to work on the front lines of the biomimicry movement.

  30. Megan

    Horse-mad for life

    To this day I cannot think what sparked my interest in horses, I only know that the flame has continued to grow from the day I was born. From my first ride, to my first horse, to studying them at university, my life’s mission has always been to enrich the lives of as many horses as I possibly can. However, when studying internally my moral compass did not know which way to turn as I was confronted with tired, sore and unhappy horses who I could do nothing to help! I was also thousands of kilometres away from my home, friends and family who I missed dreadfully.

    Fortunately I am now able to study online and spend my days educating happy horses and fit in studying, working and family/friends too. Once I graduate I hope to start up my own holistic horse care business which would look to improve multiple aspects of a horse’s wellbeing and result in an overall healthier, happier animal. Thanks to online studying, the raging fire of my horse-madness can continue to burn.

  31. Kaylee Goetz

    How Followers Can Become Leaders

    When a student wanders from class to class in their crowded school, it can be easy to feel insignificant. It can be easy to feel like a machine following orders, a routine, the path they were told to take. When they don’t receive individual attention, students begin to believe that they are just part of a crowd, with a bland college and career path picked out by the higher-ups. They are taught to be followers.

    I was one of those followers, until I switched to online high school. Up until this point, I was just a face in the crowd; I wasn’t athletic, and I didn’t participate in school activities. Upon switching to online school, everything changed. Suddenly, extracurricular activities were open to everyone; they weren’t exclusive like the ones at my old school. This cyber school was one where every student received individual attention, and were given information about many different career paths. This is the school where I was allowed to join the student government, and where I learned my passion for politics and realized I could have a political career. This was a school where students were taught to be leaders.

  32. Aubrey Hetland

    In Ten Years

    In ten years, I imagine myself satisfied. This may seem like a typical answer, but it is true. But what will be different in my case is the fact that I will still be flexible with what happens. I have one clear goal in mind- become an internationally travelling nurse who is fluent in Spanish. I will be helping those in needed areas, like Peru and Honduras, while doing what I love. Throughout and following college, there will be doors opened that I have to decide whether I venture through them or not. There are different paths that will lead to my end dream, and I think it is about seeking those opportunities when you have the chance.

    Going through an online Spanish programs will prepare me to take hold of the opportunities presented and to form lasting relationships with those around me. Communication and collaboration are important in the field I want to work in, so these are crucial attributes to have while on the job or in the classroom. No matter what, I know that I will be satisfied in where I will be in ten years because of my determination and resources online.

  33. Sophia Johnson

    Coming Full Circle

    I recently moved back to the country (Dubbo) after 15 years in Sydney, after the birth of our first child. I was lucky enough to have a relatively fast and uncomplicated labour but I a very difficult 3 months with feeding problems and constant mastitis. With much persistence and support I breastfed my daughter until 15mths. Prior to my daughter’s birth I had completed a PhD, in the field of Health Sociology, investigating the experiences of women becoming first-time mothers and the sources of support they used throughout this transition. I learned a great deal but I still felt largely unprepared for my own experience of becoming a mother. Since moving to Dubbo I’ve had another child. I am now enrolled in Nursing online which allows me to continue to care for my children whilst studying for a new career. I look forward to becoming a midwife and helping women in Dubbo and surrounds with my own experiences and empathetic outlook.

  34. Sean Commons

    Pen and Printer: A Writer in a Digital Society

    As a kid I remember the days I spent huddled in the classroom, writing page upon page of an essay until my hands ached around the pen it held ever so closely. The curvature of every word and mark imprinted itself in my mind as it did upon the paper before me. It strained the mind as much as it did the muscle. But no matter exhaustion that my young mind perceived, I always found myself continuing to write on. It wanted to see what would come out, but in its strain, I never explored what it was, only wanting to avoid the pain that it brought before every subsequent assignment.

    Today, I stand before my own laptop in every class. The layout of the keyboard is what I see and imprint in my mind with sight alone, while my fingers drum upon it with ease. The strain of the hand is practically non-existent as my studies on this device open up a new world to me. I’m no longer struggling to start to write, I just do it as my studies show me that I want to be a writer.


    Proximity Overlook: The Mirror of Invincibility

    Looking in the mirror, I did not like what I ‘saw’. Well, while I grew older in age, I became more mature in awareness: that my ‘reality’ would always be shaped by my sense of perception, values and priorities. Thus, even when I am compelled to look, I am always inclined to ‘see’ differently.

    As Public Health Enthusiast with an introverted personality, online learning has enhanced my social interaction potential and integration prospects. I have gained a foothold in today’s multidirectional social interactive global community. Thinking of the world as a virtual classroom where our cross-cultural interactions serve as an integrated instructional learning resource; there can be no limit, I have surmised, to the level of influence we can exert on our world.

    Having gained multiple strands of knowledge about the social dimensions of Public Health; I can only seek to further explore the technologically-driven social space to broaden my knowledge base and deepen my professional scope in Health Management Information Systems; so I could effectively devise culturally-acceptable health promotion strategies in primary healthcare service delivery.

    Like a mirror and a gateway into the world, online learning reflects patterns and reveals possibilities that can make our world a better place.

  36. Garang

    War In South Sudan

    When I go into noisy classrooms with lots of people, I have panic attacks. I have trouble filtering out other sounds in order to hear what the lecturer is saying. Sometimes, I don’t have the energy that my peers have for seemingly simple tasks and I can’t maintain the contact hours that they do.

    Having Asperger’s in high school was hard. There was limited support and no lenience for when I could not attend. Online studying has changed my world. I, as well as many others, am now able to access the content I need to learn and succeed from my home at my own pace. Online studying is a brilliant tool. Those with any sort of disability that prevents them from physically attending or from learning the content in a classroom can now “go” to the same classes as everyone else, but now in a form that we can actually use.

  37. Dahee Kim

    Memes and Dreams

    An Aussie life is anything but an easy life. News articles say that Sydney house prices are falling but the tears of Generation Z Aussies are a testament to anything but. The weather is out to kill you along with the spiders that line your front door. Anything that slightly alleviates the suffering is a God-send, like Zooper Doopers, Healthy Harold and online education. God. Bless. Online. Education.

    For me, a fish-out-of-water, Korean-Australian girl, living in the suburbs, aspiring to be a police officer in the city, life is hard. Woe is me. Getting into the Police Academy straight out of highschool without any existing qualifications? Hmm. Oh no.

    But Online Education, blessed-be-thy-name, hand in hand with dogged determination, is magic. All of NSW’s Legislations and all of the publicly available NSW Police Force documents at the click of a mouse, along with an unlimited array of free and paid criminal justice/law/policing courses…

    Huh. I might have a chance after all.

    And thanks to Online Education, so do all of you.

  38. Valcia Ellington-Riley

    Enhancing My Supermom Powers

    How does one balance studying with two jobs and a family with three children? By studying online of course. It offers the flexibility of study time while offering the well needed opportunity to get the academic advancement for professional and social promotion.

    Not having a postgraduate degree has resulted in me being stuck in one position at work for the past seventeen years. A very demanding (but fulfilling) family life and limited funds have been the reason for the delay but now is the time.

    I have been managing my personal life very well with my professional life getting wonderful reviews annually. My superiors recognize my worth and a promotion will be in order once my study is completed. My online degree will give me wings to soar on and this Supermom will finally be super promoted after years of dedicated service.

  39. Jamal Amir

    Without online learning, my thoughts lay in shambles, locked in the lethargy

    Imagine this, you wake up one day and lock yourself in deep thought only to find a dungeonous place, portions of your brain that used to brim with activity and curiosity of the unknown have now folded in on themselves in such complex patterns that to unravel them would be unthinkable. This is the death of a sweaty creative, caused by coercion into a course of study they had no passion for, then having to master that course without any drive to do so; thereby, expending all their creative energy into emulating the immense intricacies of passion. This, sadly, is a grim reality for many college-bound students in subcontinental Asia, where luxuries like changing major are alien concepts and students are ultimately stuck with the course of study they initially trekked upon.

    For them, online learning provides an incubator of sorts, a haven, where the creative district of their mind can safely dock, harbor and expand. I too get my highs off learning online. Everything -from mastery in Psychological first aid to concocting a high-rise souffle that would make ratatouille drool- is compacted in the serum of online learning, so drink up!

  40. Jessica Alexander

    Putting the ‘Care’ back into Healthcare

    I spent the first twenty years of my life listening to my mums stories of life in the hospital – laughing at the funny stuff, crying at the sad stuff and venting frustration at the things she just couldn’t change. I ALWAYS knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, and I’ve been doing it for the last 4 years as an Enrolled Nurse.

    In those 4 years I have met some utterly incredible nurses; the kinds of people who would take a bullet for you and these are the people that I go to war with everyday, fighting the good fight.

    But every day I see just a little bit more light fade from these beautiful people. A bit more of that spark gets squashed as they are beaten down and burned out.

    Online Study is giving me the opportunity to pick up some slack and lighten some of the burden. I want to pay them back for all the care and support and time they’ve put into me. So I’m completing my Bachelor of Nursing online and then it’ll be my turn to care for them for a change.

  41. Jo-Ann Adams

    Crazy or Committed

    University for the first time at the age of 48, what was I thinking! Was it the excitement of going to a new environment, meeting new people, leaning new things, having a challenge or just plain stupid? It was all of the above. However, this was one of the many things on my bucket list, which was necessary, therefore, I made a decision to go for it, and see what would eventuate at the end of the tunnel.

    Although, campus life was very exciting and enjoyable, it was hard at times being away from my children and family. I will be studying once again next year, this time via online. This will give me the opportunity to spend more time with my children, family and work commitments, working at my own pace whenever I wish, without any interruptions from other students, moving to and from different classrooms and the hustle and bustle of campus mayhem.

    My recent studies have given me the motivation to go further and pursue my ultimate goal to achieve a Master’s degree. The course will provide me with a better insight as to what public health is and what it seeks to achieve.

  42. Eleanor Thackray

    A Bag of Wind, a Memory of Words

    A bag of wind, a memory of words and a complete lack of knowledge is how essayist Emerson poetically described students’ learning after school and college. A congenital pessimist, or perhaps an astute commentator of his time? We often think of education as an established beast- a behemoth of tradition which must be upheld- but systematic education as we know it has only been around for 150-200 years (significantly less if you if you had the misfortune to be born female!). Education is changing: it is dynamic, responsive, flexible, and constantly shaped by context- and I am seizing the opportunity afforded through online education to become a teacher and to stick all my fingers in that pie. Each evening I sit at a laptop, surrounded by unwashed football socks, forgotten apple cores, overdue library books, and a cacophony of calls of my current title (the highly essential yet chronically underpaid ‘Mum’) and I access the information that is changing my brain into one which can be trusted with the education of thousands of small Australians. Although I’m sure Emerson would have thought of something astringent to say about online education and all its possibilities, I think it is truly amazing.

  43. Kirstie Lenton

    If Only Computers Could See Inside Of You, Lucky I Can

    You come into my room. You may be sick, injured or your doctor is investigating a queried pathology. I ask you the necessary questions, and position you as required. I then ask you to stay still, and in seconds, I receive an image that allows me to see through your whole body. How do I know if the imaged anatomy is normal? How do I examine the image for a pathology?

    Books simply are unable to provide the extensive detail that medical professionals need to further their education. Online learning provides radiographers with newly discovered knowledge, presenting this information in various forms, such as 3D figures. By a click of a button, I can extensively examine the human body; every aspect of my degree can therefore be furthered by online learning, allowing me and others to further their goals and success. Every student learns differently and requires the latest health information to further their education. Online learning gives students the motivation and information needed to do this, answering questions instantly and enabling them to learn from home, work or at university. If only computers could see through humans and diagnose us right now… luckily this is left to the professionals.

  44. Luna Suleiman

    Tree of Life

    When I slowly climb up the Tree of Life I see many fruits to be plucked. Which one should I pick? Is it the yellow sour one or maybe the red sweet one? Will they make me stronger to climb the Tree of Life. As I eat the fruit that appeared to me most with its golden lights and round shape I could not stop thinking of the cycle of spirits.

    I chose and kept choosing because life gave me the medium to choose.

    In what a lucky zeitgeist we live in to be able to learn from people around the whole world in a real-time connection. I might not know what myself also can be but I know I can climb as fast and as smooth like anybody else up to that tree.

    In the night of dreams, the net of stars shines to the green coat of comfort. Now I can reach up higher without leaving my nature. I will never be as I am now but my aim will stay the same. So I keep reaching for the unknown stars in the hope of connecting.

  45. Isabelle Holt

    Bridging the Gap Between Autism and Education

    When I go into noisy classrooms with lots of people, I have panic attacks. I have trouble filtering out other sounds in order to hear what the lecturer is saying. Sometimes, I don’t have the energy that my peers have for seemingly simple tasks and I can’t maintain the contact hours that they do.

    Having Asperger’s in high school was hard. There was limited support and no lenience for when I could not attend. Online studying has changed my world. I, as well as many others, am now able to access the content I need to learn and succeed from my home at my own pace. Online studying is a brilliant tool. Those with any sort of disability that prevents them from physically attending or from learning the content in a classroom can now “go” to the same classes as everyone else, but now in a form that we can actually use.

  46. Vanessa Putnam

    A Harpist

    Growing up I always wanted to perform in front of a crowd. I lived on an air force and navy base when I was young and I watched the fighter pilots doing amazing stunts in the sky and thought “I want to do that!”. Granted I get horrible vertigo and motion sickness. Shortly after I started playing harp! Playing the harp does not directly seem to relate, but it is the simple joy of sharing something unique with the world that stuck.

    Doing online classes during high school helped me dedicate the majority of my time to honing my craft. Online school continues to allow me even in university to practice more, and receive more opportunities. I perform at events that would happen during school hours in a more conventional program. However, I don’t have to concern myself with that and can seize opportunities others can not.

    In ten years I hope to have my masters degree in Harp Performance. I hope to be performing for weddings, teaching more private students, and playing in an orchestra. Continuing my education will only help me achieve my goals of performing on a major stage and sharing my passions with many.

  47. Sarah McPhail

    Online Study: The motivation, loneliness and lessons

    For me, online learning has been challenging. From trying to find motivation to log in and stay focused in ‘my own time’ to then having to maintain that momentum for a semester seems such a bore. There are much more ‘fun’ things I could be doing with my time…..however, the lessons its taught me for my future career have been invaluable.

    Firstly, being able to ‘self motivate’ has taught me to prioritise and focus. In a world of 1000 distractions, having this skill will enable me to judge what is important and how to manage my time effectively. Being a Social Work student, my future career will be fast paced, full of paperwork and conflicts. The ‘self motivating’ skill I have learnt through online study will help me stay accountable for my time.

    Secondly, the social isolation of online study can often be misconstrued for loneliness. This however, has taught me that I can work well on my own and how to be a problem solver. It has also taught me the importance of online support, which is an ever growing dynamic within a workplace.

    Sure, the inconsistent study pattern or lack of set routine while studying online can be difficult, but what it teaches us about ourselves and the discipline it takes to persist with it is invaluable for our future careers.

  48. Oladimeji Damilare

    From my Wall to the World

    Growing up, I imagined as a young boy having the ability to teleport, moving across countries, meeting new people with different cultures. Presently, as a student of International law on migration and refugees, my discipline would require me to be in touch with people from all over the world, to follow up on policies and updates concerning migration, learn about the different migration laws upheld by nations of the world. All these cannot be learnt effectively in the pages of books.

    However, online learning has gifted me the ability that I have always wished for since my childhood. For with a click,I am able to follow lessons from all over the world concerning migration laws and refugees, another click I’m on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea or in Kutupalong refugee camp in Bangladesh. All these made possible by online learning, has enlarged my vision more than the four walls of a classroom can, to be able to understand, empathize and be equipped to help and support the cause of migrants and refugees and humanity at large.

  49. Paige Wiebelhaus

    The Road to Neurosurgery

    Derek Shepard from Grey’s Anatomy, every girl’s TV crush. For me, this character is more than a fantasy crush. He inspired what I want to do when I grow up. Through online research and teachings, I have taught myself every aspect of the brain that I haven’t had the opportunity to learn in school. This research has driven my passion for the brain and its effects on people throughout the years. Online learning allows me to push my threshold of knowledge further than I ever thought it could go. Through the power of online learning, I have learned what each part of the brain is responsible for and what can happen when each part is damaged. I would not have the power of knowledge on one of my favorite subjects without the help of online schooling.

  50. Regina Monyemangene

    Journey into Public Health

    From a warm to a butterfly through online learning. I am passionate about my work as a project manager. Managing a project allows you to be part of a thrilling experience of seeing a designed concept evolving from being an idea (warm) and transformed through the implementation of planned activities into a reality (butterfly). Recently, I have grown an incredible interest and love for a profession in international public health. I desire to see and contribute to a change in lives of communities by promoting better health and services. But, where do I start? Shall I dare to change at this stage in my well-established career? Shall I go back to school, in crowded lecturer halls with a younger generation who have different interests and experiences? Were it not for online learning, I would shudder at the thought. Online learning is a celebrated liberator because it will enable me to take on a new career, study at my own time and at my preferred location while still assuming my current job. Just like a warm changes to a butterfly, I will be offered an opportunity to develop into a new creature and sore to new heights.

  51. day mungani

    Online education and my career trajectory

    Many people in developing and developed countries go to work for the survival of their families and this tends to restricts their career paths. Going to work empowers individuals financially at the same time restricting them academically. talented ambitious people are stuck with work and online learning becomes their refuge. It enables individuals to advance their career and it can be done in secret without the influence of superiors at work. In addition to that, you study at your own pace without any transport and travel restrictions. Its mode of operation is convenient, and an individual can graduate and rise silently whilst going to work. As for my self I wish to become a university lecturer specializing in geography and I need to earn a doctorate in geography for me to be qualified. Online learning will give me the chance to study at home without seeking permissions from my superiors. With some of the current ethics in organizations, employees may be deprived of the time to study, hence dying without any further achievements. Significantly, online learning makes one climb the cooperate ladder, increasing the salary, benefits and qualifications. Apart from that it restricts travels and other related costs.