Cheapest Online MBA from a UK University: Attention American Students!

Here is how you can study online — at the cheapest cost — for an MBA degree from a prestigious UK university.

University of Wales Trinity Saint David

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We had to share this opportunity for American students: the cheapest online MBA from a UK university. For just $14,920 (subject to exchange rate), you can study 100% online for an MBA from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Graduates of the program receive an accredited Master of Business Administration degree from one of the world’s oldest universities. The MBA carries weight everywhere, including the United States.

While our initial attraction to this opportunity was the low cost, students benefit in more ways than just saving money. For example, you can earn the degree relatively fast and without sitting exams. Here is why the program may be best option for getting a UK MBA online.

A Legitimate MBA from a UK University

An MBA degree from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David has career-long value. Graduates gain credibility from being awarded a degree by a British university with a long history.

The University is the oldest in Wales and fourth-oldest in Britain. UWTSD was founded as University of Wales, Lampeter in 1822 before acquiring it’s new name as part of a merger in 2010. The expanded university has three main campuses in Wales plus another in London.

Despite being old, the University has a reputation for innovation in teaching. That’s part of the reason why UQTSD offers an affordable MBA online; one that is open to UK, American and international students.

An MBA Without Exams

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You can complete the entire MBA program without ever having to sit a long exam. Assessment relies on other methods, such as short quizzes, assignments, reports and an online industry project.

Having no exams isn’t done just for convenience. It’s actually part of the philosophy of UWTSD’s US-based education partner in this MBA program, Ducere Global Business School. The business school believes that courses without exams ultimately produce better learning outcomes.

You can read about the education benefits of an MBA without exams in this article. But the bottom line is that, as a student of this program, you can make steady, stress-free progress towards your qualification. There is no wasting time and energy cramming for academic tests.

A Cheap MBA Without Compromising Quality

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You may be wondering how it’s possible to earn a valuable MBA qualification when tuition fees for the program are so cheap. A big part of the answer is the setup of the British university system.

In the United Kingdom, tuition fees for bachelor degrees are capped. For Wales in particular, the cap applies to UK and European Union students. These caps tend to flow through to fees for all degrees, avoiding the inflated costs commonly seen in the United States.

UK MBA programs are also cheaper because they are targeted and relatively short. Students benefit from the cost saving of not having to take general units.

In the case of the UWTSD MBA, further savings come from the cost-effective learning model. Instead of long lectures, students build skills by combining theory with engaging, practical assignments.

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Positive Student Reviews

Here’s the first student review we found for the MBA. We’ll post more when we find them. The MBA was first offered during 2020.

I began my MBA journey with Ducere Global Business School in concert with the University of Wales Trinity Saint David in October 2020, and my experience has been tremendous! Aside from world-class academics taught by top-rated Teachers, Lecturers, and Leaders from around the globe, I have had the opportunity to engage in live seminars with retired General David Petraeus and the Founder of SkyBridge Capital Anthony Scaramucci. Ducere offers a real-world approach to learning to solve real-time problems today. The uniqueness of this short eighteen-month MBA program is unparalleled!

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14 Responses

  1. Mike Smith
    | Reply

    Wow, a great MBA opportunity without breaking the bank. I have been wary of getting a degree abroad considering some employers could be so US centric. Do you have any other options listed for this? Would love to look into other suggestions too.

  2. Liz
    | Reply

    A friend of mine was telling me about this. I ended up taking a year off after graduating high school and I am glad I did. I feel like I would have done nothing but gain pointless debt! I am looking into this now as an option to start either this summer or this fall. Depending on enrollment. Thanks for the information!

  3. Andreas
    | Reply

    Is this online MBA accredited by the AACSB?

    • Lerna
      | Reply

      The University of Wales Trinity Saint David is accredited as a public British university, established in 1822 under Royal Charter. The University is also recognized by US Federal Aid as an approved university for US residents to apply for student aid, so students in the USA can apply for finance through Sallie Mae.

      The University isn’t AACSB-accredited, which doesn’t really mean much since many great business schools also haven’t applied for AACSB accreditation.

  4. Timothy
    | Reply

    Thank you for this! I’ve actually been discussing with my partner about getting an MBA but didn’t know how to balance attending actual uni classes physically considering we don’t have that much extra time to do so. An online MBA can do wonders and still from a good university!

  5. Sam T.
    | Reply

    Okay, you have my attention. I nearly enrolled and took out a HUGE loan but decided to take a few years off before committing to anything. Knowing I can get an MBA online from a valued educational system abroad without being in the country… That sounds like a win-win, and for only 13k!? Sign me up!

  6. J.J. Anderson
    | Reply

    If I get my MBA in the UK, does that mean it will be recognized by employers in the U.S.? It sounds like it would, but I would hate to get it and then have to obtain another one in the U.S.

    • Writing Team
      | Reply

      MBAs from the United Kingdom are highly respected around the world. As with all degrees, the university does matter. You’d expect an MBA from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David to be rated highly in the minds of most American employers.

  7. Kyle Atkins
    | Reply

    I wish tuition was capped in the U.S. We have to pay so much for tuition that it’s routine for students to undertake a heavy debt burden through student loans. I’ve heard of online learning in the U.S., but didn’t know it was possible to study online with a U.K. school.

  8. Kayla
    | Reply

    I had no idea you could complete an MBA without having to pass traditional exams, that’s amazing! This is a great step, especially when you see how many university graduates lack the skills they need to land a good job.

  9. David Jones
    | Reply

    Nice option to have. The MBA qualification would look good on my resume. Something like this:

    University of Wales Trinity Saint David
    – Leadership principles and applied business projects

  10. Andreea
    | Reply

    This seems like a better alternative than regular MBAs and it’s even cheaper. I often thought about why MBAs are so expensive. I understand that specialized knowledge should cost money but not as much. Considering the many, many options you have nowadays to become better at something, with much information being available for free, why are Universities still charging so much money for a classic MBA?

    Universities that put innovation at the top of their list, that lower prices and make experiential learning an integral part of their process will go a long way.

  11. Jess
    | Reply

    Is true the price to study MBA online?

    I would like to have more information about the course.

    Thanks a lot

  12. Jason
    | Reply

    Undertaking an MBA without exams is like a dream. Having completed one already, I would never go back to the classic way of doing things. Assessment shouldn’t mostly rely on one (or a few) exams. Cramming information in will lead to us only remembering fragments in a year or so. Is this what we want out of an MBA: to just pass it and not actually retain much from it?

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