Public Health Postgraduate Courses

Public health postgraduate courses are available online to start or boost your public health career. You can choose from graduate certificate, graduate diploma and master's courses.
Public health postgraduate courses

Public health postgraduate courses are open to people from different disciplines. You'll learn how to effectively promote community health using evidence-based interventions and programs. Discover the post graduate courses available in public health and how they might benefit your career.

The first of the public health postgraduate courses is a Graduate Certificate in Public Health. This is a four-subject online course that you can complete over 8 months of part-time study.

A graduate certificate typically forms part of a public health master's program. If you enjoy your post graduate studies, you can easily continue on to earn a graduate diploma or masters degree.

Topics this postgraduate course could cover include epidemiology fundamentals, social perspectives in public health, biostatics, and health systems... READ MORE

We all acquired communicable disease knowledge from the COVID-19 pandemic. You can gain university credentials in this field with a post graduate certificate course.

A Graduate Certificate in Communicable Disease provides foundational education in public health, with an emphasis on monitoring and controlling spreadable diseases of the human population.

Topics student examine in communicable disease courses include epidemiology fundamentals, communicable disease, consumer engagement, qualitative research, and biostatistics... READ MORE

Many healthcare professionals have an interest in health analytics because you learn how to extract value from the large amounts of health data being collected every day. You can study this discipline in a postgraduate program.

Graduate Certificate in Health Analytics courses may cover topics such as measuring health system performance, data visualisation and visual analytics, biostatistics, and health risk models.

Graduate certificate courses provide useful knowledge of health analytics, though further study may be needed to specialise in this quite technical field... READ MORE

Graduate Diploma in Public Health

Graduate Diploma in Public Health

A Graduate Diploma in Public Health might offer the ideal amount of postgraduate coursework for you. Comprised of 8 subjects, a post graduate diploma in public health is halfway in duration between a graduate certificate and masters. You can complete a graduate diploma online over 16 months of part-time study.

UTS Online Graduate Diploma in Public Health

The UTS Online Graduate Diploma in Public Health is designed for professionals who are looking to advance their skills and gain a global perspective on public health. Students acquire tools with which to positively impact population and community health. Through this course, you will develop specialist knowledge and skills in health education, data and promotion, enabling you to contribute to public health programs. Delivered part-time and 100% online, the course enables you continue full-time work while gaining skills to add value to your public health career.

An outstanding career in public health could be built on the education foundation of a Masters in Public Health. The degree qualifies you for almost any high-level role within Australia's healthcare system or public service.

In a 12-subject Master of Public Health, you could cover advanced topics such as global health systems, advanced biostatistics, planetary health, leading health and social care, and using health data for decision-making.

An online postgraduate program can be completed in 2 year's of part-time study – without requiring you to be away from work... READ MORE

What You'll Study (Course Structure)

A postgraduate public health course may be general or specialised. For a general course, you'll cover key topics such as epidemiology, public health research, use of statistics, communicable disease, non-communicable disease, inequality of health outcomes, and health promotion. Popular specialisations include health analytics and communicable disease.

Generally, a graduate certificate courses consists of 4 subjects, a graduate diploma is 8 subjects and a masters is composed of 12 subjects. Most postgraduate courses are a combination of core subjects and electives. For a master's degree especially, electives may be drawn from other programs such as management or data analytics.

Learning Outcomes

You can achieve foundational as well as specialised and advanced learning from a public health postgraduate course.

Foundational knowledge and skills are often gained through graduate certificate courses and the core subjects in master's programs. You'll gain essential knowledge such as how the Australian health system works, use of evidence in public health, key threats from communicable and non-communicable diseases, and intervention principles and strategies.

An advanced education in certain areas can be achieved with a specialist shorter course or by your choice of major in a longer program. Epidemiology, biostatistics and healthcare leadership are examples of fields where you can build expertise through online courses.

Career Opportunities

Job titles for public health course graduates include community health and wellbeing officer, data analyst, epidemiologist, health coordinator, health planning and evaluation officer, health researcher, policy analyst, program manager, and public health consultant.

If you have a strong professional skillset already, you may be able to use that as part of your future job. Public health is a multidisciplinary profession that attracts people from many fields, such as healthcare, health management, law, the social sciences and data analytics.

Where are public health professionals employed? According to a University of Melbourne alumni survey, common employers of public health graduates are non-government organisations (such as global health and disease-specific agencies), government-affiliated organisations such as hospitals and health agencies, governments at multiple levels, universities and research institutes, and health and communications consultancies.

Entry Requirements

The entry requirements for postgraduate public health courses are normally that you have a bachelor degree or higher qualification. Public health is a broad field that's open to graduates from different disciplines. If you can't gain course admission via academic qualifications, you may still be eligible to enrol if you have substantial experience in healthcare or human service fields.

Entry requirements may be lower for graduate certificate courses, which often serve as pathways into masters programs.

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What is a Master’s in Public Health?

A Master’s in Public Health (MPH) is a post graduate degree where you learn how to protect and improve the overall health of communities.
† Online courses are available in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Gold Coast, Newcastle. Australia Wide.