Masters in Human Resource Management

A Masters in Human Resource Management is the ultimate development program for HR professionals. Masters in HR are available 100% online from leading Australian universities. Studying for a Masters in … Read More

Graduate Certificate in Project Management

A university education for project managers often starts with a Graduate Certificate in Project Management. The versatile course provides foundation training and is a pathway to a graduate diploma or … Read More

Masters in Business Analytics Online

Get the comprehensive training you need to take on any business analytics role with a Masters in Business Analytics online. General analytics, business analytics and marketing specialisations are available. A … Read More

Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics

Business analytics is a key activity for almost any organisation. A Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics online will provide you with knowledge and skills to take advantage of emerging opportunities … Read More

MBA in Technology Management

An MBA in Technology Management could be the ideal program to drive your career as a technology or business manager. Online MBA and master’s courses in technology management are available … Read More

7 Business Analytics Courses Online in Australia

Choose your ideal online course in analytics, business analytics or marketing analytics. Bachelor, graduate certificate and masters courses are available 100% online from Australian universities. By doing an online course … Read More

Graduate Certificate in Health Management

A graduate certificate in health management is a 4-subject postgraduate course for management professionals. You learn skills for managing and leading people in the delivery of health services. A Graduate … Read More

Health Services Management Courses

Health services management courses teach you how to improve efficiency, quality and safety in the delivery of healthcare services. 100% online courses are available for health and social care professionals. … Read More

Master of Applied Finance

A Master of Applied Finance builds practical skills with immediate impact on your job performance. Graduates are skilled up to take on challenging roles in fields such as banking, stockbroking … Read More

Finance Degree Online in Australia

A finance degree in Australia is typically either (i) a Business or Commerce bachelor degree with a Finance major or (ii) a specialist finance masters. Finance degrees are widely available … Read More

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