Subjects You Can Study Online in Australia

Arts and Social Sciences

You can study 100% online for arts and social science degrees with Australian universities. Popular majors include communications, international relations, journalism, psychology and public relations. Good arts and social science universities offer plenty of choice about the subjects you can study.

Arts and Social Science Degrees

Business and Management

Business and management is an ever-popular online study category. Fully online courses are available at diploma, bachelor and postgraduate levels. Programs may focus on technical subjects such as accounting and finance, or cover more nebulous topics like management and leadership.

Business and Management Courses

Education and Teaching

Education degrees are available from online universities in Australia. If you want to become a teacher, you need to complete a 4-year Bachelor of Education or 2-year Master of Teaching. The programs include compulsory teacher training placements in schools. Advanced education courses are also available for current teachers.

Education and Teaching Degrees

Health and Community

Australia's universities support distance education in health and community care fields, including for nursing, counselling, nutrition and social work. To comply with regulatory requirements, accredited courses may require you to attend intensive residential schools and do work placements.

Health and Community Courses

Law and Justice

Studying law may be a path to become a lawyer, although the majority of graduates end up in alternative careers. You can study online for a straight law or combined degree. Available programs include Bachelor of Laws, Master of Laws and Juris Doctor. Criminology degrees are also offered through distance learning.

Law and Justice Courses

STEM Disciplines

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths degrees are all available online. Just within a Bachelor of Science program, you have many majors to choose from, including environmental science, and maths and statistics. Engineering degrees and certain science majors require students to attend residential schools on campus.

STEM Degrees List

How Online Study Works in Australia

Online study gives you the flexibility to tailor your learning to fit around your life.

You can access online systems, connecting you to your lecturers, learning resources, fellow students and support.

When you study online, you are joining an online community of students located across Australia and abroad.

You can easily connect and collaborate with your peers through an easy-to-navigate, personalised online learning portal.

Use your portal to access individual subjects. Here you’ll find all your learning resources, including high quality audio-visual class materials and real-time or downloadable classes and seminars.

Your expert lecturers are dedicated to supporting you through your courses and will communicate with you regularly.

With online study in Australia, you can have a world-class education and achieve your career goals on your own terms.