Master of Health Administration

A Master of Health Administration course prepares health professionals for important roles in the healthcare industry. Students learn how to manage organisational units and deliver health services effectively.
Master of Health Administration

You can study online for a masters degree, MBA or other graduate qualification in health administration. Online courses give you an opportunity to move into the field or be promoted to senior management.

  • Health administrators plan, manage, monitor and coordinate systems of health care delivery. They work in hospitals and other health service facilities.
  • Studying health admin prepares you for administration, management and planning positions.

Australian universities offer 100% online masters of health administration. You can earn fantastic leadership qualifications by studying wherever and whenever it's convenient.

Best Masters in Health Administration Online

Masters in health administration online

The best masters in health administration online allow you to study useful topics in a convenient way. The courses we've chosen can all be completed without having to attend university campuses. They're also offered by health schools that are highly rated and/or which provide good value for money.

Masters programs in healthcare often embed graduate certificate and graduate diploma courses. That means you can potentially exit the program part-way through, leaving with a useful qualification. Or you can keep going if you enjoy the program and finish with a high-value masters degree.

To apply, you generally need a degree (preferably in a health-related or public health discipline) and/or 2-5 years of relevant professional experience (e.g. in counselling).

UTS Online Master of Health Services Management

UTS Online’s Master of Health Services Management course prepares leaders in health and social care who want to drive change and create safer, higher value and more equitable health systems and services. With a focus on quality and safety, you’ll learn about planning and evaluating health services to innovate and improve systems. You’ll also learn about the importance of utilising and understanding data to improve, implement and drive quality and safety. Customise your studies to align to your career ambitions by choosing to major in quality and safety or sub-major in digital health, leadership or planning. Designed with healthcare professionals in mind, this course is delivered part-time and 100% online, enabling you to continue working full-time while gaining immediately applicable skills.

JCU Master of Nursing

James Cook University Online has a nursing masters that's suitable for any experienced, division 1 registered nurse. You can major in (i) Leadership and Management (team management in a clinical setting, including business skills) (ii) Education (being an educator in a clinical environment) or (iii) Advanced Practice (build skills to deliver comprehensive care in clinical settings). The 12-unit program is 100% online and gives you the option to start with a graduate certificate (4 units) or graduate diploma (8 units). The program is designed to be studied part-time and is available year-round.

MBA Programs With a Health Management Specialisation

Healthcare management MBA studies

As an alternative to a health administration masters, you may want to consider the world's most recognised graduate degree: a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Health Management study streams are offered in some online MBA programs.

  • An MBA is a general business administration and management degree.
  • You can major in health management by doing a selection of units focused on the health industry.
  • Program entry does not require you to have a business degree.

While MBA and MHA qualifications are in demand, an MBA can be a safer investment. An MBA brings career advantages no matter where you may be employed in the future.

Southern Cross University MBA (Health Services Management)

Health Services Management is one of four specialisations available in the Southern Cross University (SCU) MBA program. To qualify for the major, students must do at least two of four health units offered: Leading Change in Healthcare, Healthcare Professional Portfolio A, Strategic Health Management, and Principles and Practice of Clinical Accountability.

The flexible and affordable 100% online course allows you to study on your terms. Embedded within the program are a 4-unit Graduate Certificate in Business and 8-unit Graduate Diploma in Business. The MBA is 8-16 units in total, depending on how much credit you receive for advanced standing. Each unit is completed in a 7-week teaching period and the program supports year-round part-time study.

University of Adelaide MBA (Health Management)

The University of Adelaide’s online MBA is a quality program delivered using the best e-learning technology. You benefit from the backing of the prestigious Adelaide Business School. At the same time, students have all the modern conveniences, such as 100% online study, 6-week teaching blocks, collaborative learning with fellow students and dedicated online support.

The 12-unit program gives you the tools to confidently manage health teams and projects. Topics include leadership, finance, marketing, innovation and entrepreneurship. Students also examine how to do business in the healthcare sector and the challenges facing health managers. You can choose to start the program with a 4-unit Graduate Certificate in Business Administration.