Engineering and built environment degrees.

Engineering and built environment professionals are responsible for the design and construction of the world around us. They include architects, building and interior designers, engineers (e.g. civil, mechanical, electrical), project managers, and urban planners.

Distance learning courses are designed to accommodate the hands-on qualities of the disciplines.

  • Students complete the academic components of degrees online.
  • Where in-person learning is essential, residential schools are organised where students attend on-campus classes over consecutive days.
  • Fieldwork placements also feature in professional programs.

The skills you develop by doing an engineering and built environment degree are useful in different roles. Graduates are also able to obtain high-paying jobs in other professions.

Less than half of Australia’s recent engineering graduates are working in their field, but most of them are likely to work in highly skilled and highly paid jobs. Engineers have high level maths skills and it is those skills, combined with technology, analysis and design expertise, which can make them prized recruits in commerce and finance. ~ Engineers Australia