Bachelor of Finance

A Bachelor of Finance or equivalent degree sets you up for an interesting and lucrative career. Studying finance can leads to careers in banking, financial planning, insurance, trading, and advisory services.
Bachelor of Finance

A Bachelor of Finance degree may be called a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance), Bachelor of Accounting (Finance) or similar. You major in Finance as part of an undergraduate business program, gaining broad business training as well as specialised financial skills.

The best online programs are flexible and offer subject choice. Finance students learn about the use of money, including how: (a) businesses raise and deploy capital (b) individuals allocate savings and (c) markets balance capital supply and demand.

Deakin Bachelor of Commerce

Finance is offered as a major in Deakin University's Bachelor of Commerce program. To qualify, you need to complete 4 prescribed units (half a year's loading) in both the 2nd and 3rd years of the degree. An honours (4th) year is available. Cloud (online) students follow the same syllabus as on-campus students and the same trimester calendar. Subjects include money and capital markets, investment analysis, corporate finance, and analytical methods.

UNE Finance Majors

The University of New England offers Finance as a major in the Bachelor of Business program. You can also do a Bachelor of Accounting degree with a Finance major. UNE operates on a trimester calendar (not all units are available in any given trimester). Available subjects include financial planning, financial statement analysis, small business finance, superannuation and retirement, and banking and finance.